20 Different Types of Coffee

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Coffee along with tea is one of the most popular beverages in human history and the main reason is the presence of caffeine in them. Consuming the right amount of caffeine increases the level of consciousness and memory and reduces the risk of many diseases.

The importance of coffee beyond its health benefits is so great that it can even be said that it has indirectly caused colonization and revolution in some countries. Although we see coffee only on breakfast tables and coffee shops today, these drinks still have a great impact on human society. In fact, coffee is one of the few common foods in the food basket of all people in the world, and for this reason, it gives a lot of money and power to producers.

Types of coffee

Additives for drinking different types of coffee in different flavors

 Most coffees consist of three parts: espresso, milk and foam, and other ingredients are added according to the consumer’s taste. It can be said that milk is the most important additive that is added to coffee and the amount of its addition determines the difference between different types of coffee. There are different types of milk and its fat content has a great effect, especially on the taste of coffee drinks. Some animal advocates and people on special diets do not use them because of the milk in some types of coffee. There are herbal products for these people that can partially replace animal milk.

Different types of coffee

When ordering coffee we all get confused and often do not know what the difference is between different types of coffee. In this section, we will look at some of the most popular types of coffee.


 A shot of very thick coffee. In fact, most people know that a certain amount of espresso is much stronger than the same amount of coffee. There is no difference between the types of coffee beans used to make espresso and coffee. Like other types of coffee, there are differences in the preparation process. To make espresso coffee, beans are ground more than coffee, and the ratio of coffee to water is used more when brewing. As a result, espresso is thicker and stronger than coffee and has a sharper taste.


It tastes similar to black coffee and is made from a shot of espresso dissolved in hot water. To make Americano, you must first fill two-thirds of the cup with water and then add a shot of espresso. The added water dissolves the espresso. However, this drink is still high in caffeine.

Among the types of coffee, this coffee is especially popular for breakfast and is believed to have been made for the first time during the Second World War. The soldiers probably tried to increase the amount of their coffee ration by adding water to their coffees. If Americano is served cold, add some milk and sugar. Also, if some milk is added to regular American coffee, it is called white Americano, which is very similar to latte.


This type of coffee is very similar in appearance to Americano, but with the first sip, the difference will be clear to you. In fact, the difference lies in the preparation. To make this coffee, the beans are soaked in warm water. This type of coffee, unlike Americano, is made using drip coffee makers. Americano coffee, on the other hand, is made using espresso and water.

Long Black

This coffee drink has its roots in New Zealand and Australia. It is basically the same as Americano, to which more cream has been added.


Latte is the most popular beverage among the types of coffee on this list. You need a shot of espresso, a shot of boiled milk and some foam to make the latte. Latte in Italian means milk. The Italians call this drink coffee milk, and if you order latte in an Italian restaurant, they will give you just a glass of hot milk. The main reason for the popularity of this coffee drink is that the large amount of added milk has reduced the acidity and bitterness of coffee.


Cappuccino is one of the most popular types of coffee in the world due to its special texture. Cappuccino is actually a type of latte that has a higher foam to milk ratio. To serve this drink, they usually pour some chocolate powder or cinnamon on it. In some cases, cappuccino uses cream instead of milk. This creamy drink is mostly consumed in Italy for breakfast and before noon.

Flat White

This type of coffee also originates from New Zealand or Italy. Of course, there is a dispute between the two countries today over the invention of this type of coffee. It is very similar to cappuccino, except that it does not have a layer of foam and chocolate powder. The milk layer in this type of coffee drink is thick.


 Doppio or double spray is made of two shots of espresso.


Macchiato is an espresso to which a small amount of milk foam has been added. Macchiato in Italian means to mark. This naming is due to the fact that the milk leaves a mark on the surface after dipping into the coffee. Macchiato is actually a espresso marked with milk. Pintado is the Portuguese name for this drink, which means similar to the Italian name.


Cortado is a type of macchiato and its milk has been increased only to reduce the acidity of the milk. This drink contains equal amounts of espresso and boiled milk. Cortado is a Spanish word meaning cut. Cutting here indicates a decrease in the acidity of the coffee. This coffee drink does not have the specific texture of Italian coffee drinks.


Made from a combination of espresso with a full cup of coffee, this coffee can wake anyone up.


This type of coffee has Portuguese roots. It is very similar to latte and cappuccino. In fact, the only difference is that the amount of milk foam is almost twice that of latte and cappuccino. That’s why it’s a light drink.


More caffeine is released if we increase the duration of espresso. Lungo is prepared this way.


Mocha connects chocolate and coffee lovers and is a combination of a chocolate espresso, boiled milk and foam. It can be said that mocha is a mixture of hot chocolate and coffee drink. This drink is different from mocha coffee beans. Mocha seeds come from a place called Mocha in Yemen. These beans were among the first coffee beans to be exported outside Africa.


There are several different models of this type of coffee; But its main structure consists of espresso and cream. The whipped cream gives a creamy texture instead of milk and sugar.


It is an espresso shot with the difference that it has less water. This makes it taste sweeter than traditional espresso.


Affogato is more of a dessert than a type of coffee. It is actually a vanilla scoop on which one or two shots of espresso are poured. Of course, other ice creams can also be used. Affogato in Italian means drowned, which refers to the drowning of ice cream in coffee.

Coffee au lait

If you add an equal amount of hot milk to your coffee, you will have Coffee au lait.


This type of coffee is for those who are not good with moderate caffeine but cannot pass the taste of coffee.

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