37 ways to prepare coffee that are common in coffee shops around the world!

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How to prepare coffee and choose it is a bit difficult and confusing for beginners. That’s why we have tried to prepare a complete guide to different types of coffee that we hope can answer all your questions. In the past, to choose coffee, you only had to think about whether to drink coffee with milk or with sugar, or with both or without either (plain and black coffee)!! But these days, there are different types of preparation methods that may c ause you confusion in coffee shops, parties, etc.

In the following, we have prepared a list of different types of coffee preparation methods that you can try at home, so that you can choose the option you want among these methods according to your taste.

Types of black coffee preparation methods (coffee without additives)

1- Drip Coffee: This type of coffee preparation method can be introduced as a very old and classic method. This type of coffee is prepared using a device called an electric drip coffee maker with a paper filter.

If you are a coffee lover, you must have tried this type of coffee and naturally you know whether you like it or not, but if you haven’t tried it, we recommend that you definitely try this type of coffee preparation once.

2-Espresso: Espresso coffee is a type of coffee that is served in a shot and its size is approximately 30 ml. Espresso originates from Italy. Espresso is prepared with an espresso machine in such a way that hot water is passed through the coffee powder with a pressure of at least 9 times.

A layer of foam (golden-brown creamy floor) is formed on the espresso. This type of coffee is the base of many other types of coffee; To learn how to make coffee with it, you can refer to the article on how to make espresso coffee with an electric espresso machine.

3-Batch Brew: This type of coffee preparation is similar to drip coffee, but it is often prepared with larger machines. Many professional and specialized coffee shops prepare this type of coffee. If you want to drink a delicious cup of coffee without additives, this is a great option.

4- Americano: This type of coffee is actually a type of espresso diluted with water, to which double the amount of boiling water is added to espresso coffee, and it is a little heavier than drip coffee. The flavor of this type of coffee is slightly smoky and mild.

5- Pour Over: Pour over is similar to drip coffee, except that it is brewed manually by the barista. Usually, the person who prepares the coffee uses Komex or V60 and slowly adds the water to it. This type of coffee preparation is one of the methods that we definitely recommend to you.

6- Turkish Coffee: Turkish coffee is very finely ground coffee that is prepared in a Turkish coffee maker (Iberic) and may be served with sugar. This type of coffee is not only used in Turkey, but also has many fans in Eastern Europe and the Middle East.

5 ways to prepare coffee that are less known

7- Ristretto: It is half of espresso coffee and its main difference is in the degree of grinding, which is finer, because of these changes, we will have stronger coffee but less in the cup.

8- Doppio: is an Italian word used for double espresso.

9- Long Black: It is an Australian expression that is used for the preparation of Americano coffee.

10- Siphon Coffee: This type of coffee is prepared with a glass device called Siphon or vacuum teapot. This device uses a vacuum to prepare coffee.

This type of coffee is usually prepared in special coffee shops and in the presence of customers.

11- Aeropress: This type of coffee preparation method is prepared using something similar to a large funnel. This type of brewing is a combination of coffee steeping and pressing.

Brewed coffee is passed through a paper filter using air pressure. The quality of this type of coffee is excellent, while it is also a cheap and easy way to prepare coffee at home.

How to prepare milk-based coffees

12 – Cappuccino: Cappuccino is one of the most common types of coffee, which is made of espresso coffee and an equal amount of boiled milk and foam or milk foam on it.

13 – Cafe Au Lait: It is a type of latte coffee made with French coffee and served in a cup like a cappuccino.

14-Latte: which is known by the three names of coffee latte, cafe latte or latte. It is a milk-based coffee drink that has been popular in America since the 80s.

Latte is similar to cappuccino, but the volume of milk is more and the milk foam on it is less. This type of coffee is served in ceramic cups with special latte art decorations on it.

15 – Caffè Macchiato: Caffè Macchiato is actually a shot of espresso with a thin layer of milk on it, and at least 80% of it must be black coffee.

16 – Latte Macchiato: The name Latte Macchiato is a bit confusing because this name is a combination of Latte and Macchiato, while the coffee is completely different from these two models.

This type of coffee is served in a tall glass with boiled and foamed milk and a shot of espresso. In this type of coffee preparation method, milk and foam are first poured into the glass and then espresso is added to it.

17 – Cortado: the origin of Cortado coffee is based on milk, which originates from Spain and Cuba; And it is similar to cappuccino but with less milk. Hence, this method is a strong alternative to other milk-based coffee drinks.

18-Gibraltar: This coffee is similar to Cortado except that it is served in a glass and is also known as Blue Bottle coffee.

19 – Flat White: This coffee is actually the Australian name for Cafe Latte, which is usually served in small ceramic cups instead of tall glass cups and has less milk foam.

20 – Mocha: It is the same cappuccino that uses hot chocolate instead of a shot of espresso and is an attractive option for chocolate lovers.

21- Espresso con Panna: It is a way of preparing coffee with espresso, which is served with a lot of whipped cream on it.

22 – Affogato: Espresso affogato is more of a coffee drink than a dessert, usually served in small bowls containing a scoop of vanilla ice cream and a shot of espresso.

23 – Bulletproof Coffee: This coffee is prepared from a combination of unmelted butter and a type of coconut oil called MCT, and because of its high calories, it is a good alternative for breakfast. This coffee helps to lose weight and increase memory.

24 – Irish Coffee: Irish coffee is a type of cocktail that includes hot coffee mixed with whiskey and brown sugar. On top of this whipped cream coffee is poured.

How to prepare ice coffee or ice coffee and different types of ICE COFFEE

25 – Japanese Ice Coffee: To prepare Japanese ice coffee, half of the usual amount of water is replaced with ice pieces and the brewed coffee is poured directly on the ice. This type of coffee tastes good.

26 – Ice Americano: To prepare ice Americano coffee, espresso shots are poured into a glass full of ice. This method is used in many cafes.

27 – Ice latte: To make an ice latte, like a cafe latte, coffee is poured into a glass full of ice and milk foam is poured over it.

28-Cold Brew: In this method of preparing coffee, cold water and ground coffee beans are soaked for 24 hours. Due to not using hot water in this method, its acidity is very low.

29-Cold Drip: In this brewing method, cold water is passed through the coffee drop by drop. Although the taste of coffee in this method is more than Cold Brew, its acidity is still low.

30 – Nitro Coffee: Recently, nitro coffee has become very popular as a fresh coffee. In this method, coffee is poured over milk. Coffee is brewed with nitrogen, so it has bubbles.

31 – Espresso Tonic: One of the most famous ways of serving coffee in these years is espresso tonic, which is a shot of espresso or sometimes simple and thick coffee poured over tonic water. Espresso tonic is served with ice, a slice of lemon or a few rosemary leaves.

List of rare coffee types and their seeds

32-Cascara: This coffee can be called tea-coffee, which is prepared from the skin and pulp of dried coffee cherries. Its brewing method is similar to brewing tea. It has a golden red color and a sweet fruity taste. It has less caffeine than regular coffee.

33 – Geisha: For the past ten years, this coffee has been the most expensive and best-selling coffee in the world. The beans of this type of coffee are longer than regular beans and have bergamot, jasmine and peach flavors. In 2018, the most expensive Geisha coffee sold for $803 per pound. The highest quality Geisha is found in Panama.

34 – Pacamara: This type of coffee is sometimes compared to Geisha, although it has a completely different taste. Pacamara bean size is larger compared to other types of coffee and it is grown in El Salvador.

35- Liberica: As we said before about the types of coffee, there are generally three types of coffee. Most specialty coffees are made from the Arabica family. Robusta coffee is used for instant coffee and other commercial types. Liberica is a rare and special species that grows mostly in the Philippines today and has a height of up to 20 meters. This species is very nutritious.

36 – Kopi Luwak: It is actually a special way of processing coffee that is common in Indonesia. In this method, the palm civet or cat civet eats the coffee cherry and expels it. Many people believe that this method gives a unique aroma and taste to coffee.

But coffee experts believe that this method is derived from the Hollywood movie The Bucket List and is not original. In addition, this coffee processing method is actually exploiting animals.

37-Honey Processed Coffee: Honey is not used in this method and it is actually just a term for coffee processing. In this method, the coffee cherries that have been removed by zabad are dried along with the glaze. In this case, it is a bit like honey.

This type of coffee can be found in many specialty coffee shops and reminds of the taste of peaches and berries.

In this article, I have tried my best to provide you with all the tips on how to prepare coffee so that you don’t get confused the next time you want to order coffee or prepare a special coffee yourself.



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