Why black coffee is a great drink for weight loss?

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Why black coffee is a great drink for weight loss?

Coffee, amazing and bitter drink, has miraculous properties, one of which is slimming. If you also want to lose weight and prevent weight gain, be sure to include coffee in the morning or before exercise in your list of plans. Caffeine in coffee has a significant effect on weight loss, and balanced consumption of coffee and its inclusion in the diet can help you lose weight. There are two basic things to keep in mind when consuming this miracle drink: weight loss is the least you will get. Therefore, the best time to eat coffee for weight loss is fasting, and the best type of coffee for weight loss is coffee that has a high level of caffeine, so espresso and Turkish coffee can be the best coffee for weight loss due to the high concentration and percentage of caffeine. Which are prepared with the help of espresso maker and coffee maker .

The amazing effect of coffee on losing weight

Weight gain and obesity are a concern for many people in the community and this is why most of them are looking for a way to lose weight. Lack of time for exercise and physical activity, inactivity and overeating and other factors cause weight gain. So finding a simple way to lose weight can reduce the difficulty of losing weight. One of the drinks that almost has these properties is coffee. Coffee is made up of substances, which increase metabolism. 

Coffee contains substances such as caffeine, chlorogenic acid, theophylline and theobromine, which help break down fat cells by sending messages to fat cells. As a result of these mechanisms, the body’s adrenaline increases and fatty acids circulate in the blood, a process that leads to weight loss.

For coffee to be slimming, your calorie intake must be less than the calories consumed. It is recommended that in addition to drinking coffee, you should also have proper exercise activities, to increase fat burning and metabolism and lose weight faster.

Why black coffee is a great drink for weight loss?

Why black coffee is a great drink for weight loss?

The best time to drink coffee

In order for coffee to have a greater effect on weight loss, in addition to the type of coffee, the time of eating it is also important. Contrary to popular belief, drinking coffee in the early morning hours is completely ineffective; Because in these hours, the human body is very resistant to caffeine due to the high secretion of cortisol, and as a result, drinking coffee at this time will have no effect. It is recommended to avoid drinking coffee in the early morning hours (5 to 6.30); Because the hormone cortisol is highly resistant to caffeine, it not only does not increase energy and lose weight, but also increases stress and anxiety.

So the best time to drink this amazing substance is when this hormone is at its lowest level. Due to the measurement of cortisol levels in the body, coffee should be postponed to 9 am. Based on this measurement, it is better not to drink coffee between 12 and 13 o’clock and also from 17 to 18 o’clock, because the hormone cortisol is high during these hours and will neutralize the effect of caffeine.

The best coffee for weight loss

The best coffee for weight loss is coffee that has a lot of caffeine. To make coffee, two types of coffee beans are used, Arabica beans and Robusta beans. Arabica seeds are low in caffeine and Robusta seeds are high in caffeine. By combining these two types of beans in different proportions, different types of coffee are obtained, namely, espresso coffee, French coffee, and Turkish coffee. In order for coffee to be high in caffeine, the percentage of Robusta beans must be above 70%, so espresso coffee and Turkish coffee with a high percentage of caffeine can be suitable coffee for weight loss.

Important note

One of the properties of drinking coffee is to reduce appetite, in fact, drinking coffee will reduce your desire to eat and will make you feel full. To help you lose weight, it is best to have a cup of coffee before dinner. Never eat sugar with coffee; Because adding cream and sugar to coffee will increase calories. As a result, instead of having slimming properties, it also causes obesity.

Another must when drinking coffee is that coffee should be drunk with water. You know that coffee reduces dehydration and to prevent this condition, you should drink a glass of water with coffee. Also, drinking coffee and water will make you feel fuller, reduce your desire to eat meals, and ultimately help you lose weight easily in short period of time.

Why black coffee is a great drink for weight loss?

Why black coffee is a great drink for weight loss?

How to make coffee for weight loss

 As mentioned above, bitter coffee, espresso coffee and Turkish coffee, are effective in slimming. To make espresso and bitter coffee, it is recommended that you read the relevant article, which fully describes the types of coffee and how to make them. Espresso and Turkish coffee are good for weight loss due to their high percentage of caffeine. To make these coffees, espresso machines and coffee makers are used. Cinnamon or coconut oil or vanilla can also be added to the coffee cup to increase the slimming properties of the coffee. Because these substances both reduce the bitterness of coffee and will affect weight loss.

Side effects of drinking too much coffee

Although coffee has many properties and benefits, excessive drinking also carries risks and side effects that include depression, increased heart rate, nausea, anxiety, insomnia and restlessness, nervousness, decreased concentration, confusion and harm. To the organs of the body.


Finally, I need to remind you that coffee and coffee diet should be used in addition to the standard diet, and coffee consumption without modifying style and eating habits has no effect on your weight loss, or if it has an effect, it is temporary and possible. The return of obesity and overweight is high. Don’t forget to share this information about losing weight with coffee with others who want to become fit in short period of time.

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