Coffee and Blood pressure

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Coffee and Blood pressure

Coffee and Blood pressure

One of the most common questions asked by healthy people and heart patients about the relationship between coffee consumption and heart disease, especially high blood pressure. Does coffee consumption have positive or negative effects on heart health and blood pressure? Or what effects does coffee consumption have on the body and the health of the cardiovascular system? In this article, we are going to deal with  Coffee and Blood pressure.

What is coffee and what effect does it have on the body?

Coffee is one of the caffeinated beverages. Each average cup of coffee contains approximately 200 to 300 mg of caffeine. Caffeine belongs to a group of food compounds known as “stimulants”. Stimuli increase the activity of the brain and central nervous system, which in turn increases the level of consciousness, and due to the stimulation of the nervous system known as “sympathetic”, the heart rate increases and blood pressure rises slightly. To be ready for quick reactions and mental and physical activities. This is why most people feel refreshed, focused and energized to do mental and physical work after consuming coffee.

Coffee and Blood pressure

These effects occur maximally and strongly in strong stimulants such as cocaine and amphetamines, and can cause very severe heartbeats, sudden increases in blood pressure, vasospasm, and severe hallucinations and anxiety, which are certainly for the body and It also causes serious damage to the cardiovascular system.

What changes does coffee consumption cause in the hearts of healthy people?

Although the response of different people to coffee consumption can be different, but in general, the most important acute effect of coffee consumption and caffeinated compounds on the heart is an increase in heart rate. Most people will experience a ten to twenty increase in heart rate within two hours after consuming coffee, which can be felt as a heartbeat or a throbbing sensation in the chest. Of course, this effect is less common in people who consume coffee on a daily and regular basis, and these people usually do not feel a change in heart rate due to the development of tolerance in the nervous system and cardiovascular system. Instead, this effect is very severe and symptomatic in some people, and some people with coffee consumption may experience severe heartbeat and cardiac arrhythmias. Of course, this type of severe response is very rare and is less common in healthy people.

Coffee and Blood pressure

Does coffee increase blood pressure?

Coffee consumption in people who do not use it regularly can increase blood pressure. This increase in blood is usually transient and is only a few millimeters of mercury. This increase in blood pressure is not seen in people who drink coffee regularly and daily. There are even reports that chronic, daily coffee consumption of 3 to 4 cups a day can lower blood pressure slightly.

Acute coffee consumption can increase blood pressure in people with high blood pressure, just like in healthy people. Especially in people who have untreated blood pressure and their blood pressure is difficult to control, coffee consumption can cause their blood pressure to rise and rise suddenly. However, the effects of coffee are negligible in people whose blood pressure is controlled, and these people can drink coffee, especially in people who drink coffee on a daily and daily basis. Some studies show better and more stable control of high blood pressure in people who consume 3 to 4 cups of coffee a day.

Coffee and Blood pressure

Does the type of coffee affect blood pressure?

The fact is that in addition to caffeine, which is the main active ingredient in the main composition of oral coffee, there are a number of antioxidants and supplements that are thought to have positive effects in the long run, in addition to caffeine. Therefore, it is recommended to use powdered coffee beans if you decide to consume coffee. Coffee ingredients that are offered in the market as instant and ready-to-drink coffee may not contain all the useful coffee ingredients.

In addition, try not to use ready-made coffees containing cream powder and sugar. Using a cream with coffee or its powder, which contains large amounts of saturated fatty acids, can endanger your heart health. Consuming sugar along with coffee is another thing that can increase your triglycerides and blood sugar by increasing your calorie intake.

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Not only is coffee not harmful for high blood pressure, but people with high blood pressure can also use it as long as their blood pressure is already controlled using medication and non-pharmacological methods.

People who have uncontrolled blood pressure or whose blood pressure rises frequently in an attack, it is better to avoid coffee until the blood pressure is controlled.

Chronic and daily consumption of coffee has far more beneficial and better effects than occasional consumption.

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