Coffee and It’s Anti-cancer

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Although it is not the best source of antioxidants in the body, researchers claim that coffee is effective in preventing various types of cancer in men and women. Experts recommend drinking several cups a day to reduces the risk of bowel cancer. The number of cases of bowel cancer is increasing every year and more than 40,000 people in the UK are infected. It can be useful for the medical industry to learn that the disease has a high mortality rate (16,000 people die of cancer each year).

Some of the most important factors that may cause bowel cancer are a high-fat diet, huge consumption of red meat, lack of exercise and so on. The latest research was conducted by researchers at the US National Cancer Institute in Rockville, Maryland.

The researchers surveyed 490,000 men and women’s eating and drinking habits, and then compared the cases of bowel cancer among coffee drinkers and non-coffee drinkers. The researchers, based on their research findings, realized that all those volunteers who drank four cups of coffee a day were 15 percent less likely to develop tumors.

Coffee is Anti-cancer for Women

Japanese researchers have found that coffee prevents cancer, especially in women. Japanese researchers have found that drinking three cups of coffee a day reduces the risk of cancer, especially in women.

Drinking coffee reduces the risk of cancer in women by up to 50%. According to this report, this percentage is lower in men and drinking 3 cups of coffee a day is not the answer to their body organism in preventing cancer.

Coffee Is the Enemy for Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer is the most common disease in men. There are various treatments for this type of cancer but it never leaves the patient and makes him inconvenient. New research results show that drinking this substance can reduce the risk of invasive and progressive prostate cancer.

Studies of 50,000 men over a 20-year period demonstrate that men who drink a lot of coffee are 60 percent less likely to develop advanced cancer than men who do not drink coffee at all. Coffee affects the way sugar is broken down in the body, as well as the amount of sex hormones that are both closely connected to prostate cancer.

“So far, no connection has been found between the human lifestyle and the risk of prostate cancer, especially progressive and invasive cancers, so if other studies have linked coffee consumption to prostate cancer and it is confirmed, this discovery might be an important breakthrough in the prevention and treatment of mentioned above cancer.”” said Dr. Katherine Wilson, a researcher who participated in the mentioned above study. “

  • Consuming Coffee Reduces Chance of Getting Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is a relatively common and dangerous cancer among all women. Every year, a large number of people are diagnosed with breast cancer and some of them die.

It should be noted that a healthy diet based on plant sources compared to high-fat diets and animal sources can be very effective in preventing this cancer. To reduce the risk of breast cancer, experts usually recommend eating fresh fruits and vegetables and foods high in fiber. According to recent research, coffee is also a food that prevents breast cancer.

According to this study, people who drink coffee not only enjoy the taste of this drink, but also they take advantage of reducing the risk of breast cancer. Based on this study, drinking coffee in particular, reduces er-negative (estrogen negative breast cancer) type breast cancer.

In this study, Swedish researchers examined factors such as lifestyle and coffee consumption in women with breast cancer compared to healthy women. They found that the outbreak of breast cancer was lower among coffee drinkers than among those who drank it infrequently.

However, according to this study, several lifestyle factors also affect breast cancer; These factors include menopausal age, level of physical activity, weight, education, and family history of breast cancer. Taking these factors into account, the researchers found that the protective effect of coffee can only be seen on er-negative breast cancer.

  • Three Cups of Coffee are the Enemy of Liver Cancer

Singaporean researchers have identified two types of fat in coffee beans that protect the liver against the risk of cancer.

The study, which began in 1993 and surveyed 63,000 Chinese men and women between the ages of 45 and 74, revealed new findings about properties of coffee.

Consumption of at least three cups of coffee a day reduces the risk of liver cancer by 44%. It should also be bore in mind that consuming 4 cups or more per day reduces the risk of diabetes by up to 30%.

  • Coffee Prevents Skin Cancer

Recent studies demonstrate that this substance should also be added to the list of foods that prevent skin cancer. The risk of developing basal cell carcinoma – the most common form of skin cancer – is 21 percent lower in women who drink more than three cups a day than in women who drink only one cup a month. This percentage is reduced to 10% in men.

The head of the research project said: “It seems that this protective effect is due to caffeine and the risk of skin cancer in people who have consumed decaffeinated coffee in this study has not been reduced. In addition, the higher the caffeine content, the lower the risk of tumor spread, but that does not mean that you can drink coffee instead of using sunscreen or that you can spend more time in the sun by drinking coffee.

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