Coffee and stomachache (a common problem among coffee lovers)

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Coffee and stomachache (a common problem among coffee lovers)

Coffee and stomachache can definitely be considered one of the most common cases among coffee lovers, which has various reasons. But the important question about these problems and stomach aches that come from eating coffee can be solved or should we stop drinking coffee?

In this article, we are going to first examine the reasons for the connection between coffee and stomachache and then try to provide you with solutions to get rid of these stomach problems.

Coffee and stomachache

Just as coffee has tremendous results for people’s health, it can have negative effects and problems for consumers.

It is good to know that coffee has a negative effect on the stomachs of millions of people in the world, and this is not just for you, and if you are one of these people, do not worry too much, because coffee and stomachache are common. it counts.

There are 4 main reasons for these stomach aches and stomach problems that we have categorized based on how important they are for you:

1. Caffeine is the main cause of coffee and stomachache

As you know, caffeine is one of the most important ingredients in coffee, which has many results and properties on the human body.

More than 2.5 cups of coffee is caffeine and this percentage shows the high importance of caffeine in drinking coffee. Caffeine can be a very powerful stimulant that has a very positive effect on your mental strength. , But that’s not all:

Caffeine is not only a stimulant and its effect on the human brain system, research shows that the use of caffeinated coffee can significantly affect the large intestine and somehow cause contractions in the gastrointestinal tract.

Caffeine is one of the natural laxatives that helps excretion in the human body. Start working faster.

This increased readiness to defecate can cause discomfort, one of which is coffee and stomachache.

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2. Ingredients used in coffee

The next thing we need to mention about coffee and stomachache is the ingredients and additives used in coffee powder. Simply put, sometimes your stomachache is not at all due to the coffee itself, milk, cream and sugar are the three main additives used in many coffees that can cause stomach problems.

The most prominent additive and substance that can be mentioned among coffee additives is lactose in milk, which research shows that more than 65% of the world’s people react to it, and in many cases it causes stomachache. In individuals.

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3. Lack of proper coffee service causes stomach problems and stomachache

One of the other things that we need to mention about coffee and stomachache is the lack of proper service, both in terms of time and method of use.

As for coffee, it is a heavy beverage, and the presence of caffeine, acid, fat, and aroma makes it one of the most difficult options to digest.

Drinking coffee on an empty stomach can double this weight and cause you severe problems.

You may say that I always drink coffee on an empty stomach and I do not have a problem. In response to this, it should be said that the effects of coffee in some people occur in the short term and others in the moment. Oh, that’s why, maybe you’ve not yet had time to watch you drink coffee on an empty stomach.

Coffee and stomachache (a common problem among coffee lovers)

4. Acids in coffee

The last thing we need to mention about coffee and stomachache is the acids in coffee, which are less important than other options, but research has shown that the cause of many stomach upsets when it comes to coffee. Drinking is the same acids.

Troubleshooting caffeine: If you find that the main cause of your stomachache after drinking coffee is caffeine in it, you can easily get rid of it by using decaffeinated coffee.

Research shows that consuming decaffeinated coffee can reduce your stomach problems by up to 25%.

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Coffee Ingredients: To find out if your stomachache problem is from drinking your own coffee or the additives used in it, just drink a cup of bitter espresso once, and if you do not have stomachache, it will be clear that the ingredients used Not compatible for you.

If your stomach reacts to the milk lactose used in coffee, you can use plant-based milks such as soy milk and coconut milk.

Problems with an empty stomach: This is an issue that no longer needs to be talked about and you should try not to serve coffee on an empty stomach, if you are used to this and you can not eat breakfast before coffee, you can eat a Bananas, which are an alkaline fruit, solve this problem.

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