Coffee liqueur recipe

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Coffee liqueur recipe

Coffee liqueur recipe

Making a homemade version of Kahlua or Tia Maria is surprisingly easy. For a simple coffee liqueur recipe, all you need is a base liqueur, instant coffee, a vanilla bean, sugar, and water. It’s a fun project and you’ll find it less expensive than store-bought coffee liqueurs. Do you know how to make coffee liqueur? Here is coffee liqueur recipe.

Using vodka

Rum or vodka are the two liqueurs that are commonly used to make coffee liqueurs. The rum will produce a slightly sweeter version due to its molasses base, making it much closer to the popular brands you may be used to. The liquor does not take a long time to prepare, but it takes about 10 days for the flavor to fully develop. When ready, your coffee liqueur can be enjoyed on its own with ice or in your favorite cocktails, including the popular White Russian.

Coffee liqueur recipe

Step 1

Combine the sugar, water, and vanilla bean in a small saucepan over medium heat to form a simple syrup. How to make coffee liqueur? Bring to a boil and stir until the sugar has completely dissolved.

Step 2

Reduce to a simmer. When the sugar solution reduces by half, or after about 30 minutes, remove the pan from the heat. How to make coffee liqueur? Add 8 tablespoons of high-quality instant coffee. Let the mixture cool down.

Coffee liqueur recipe

Step 3

Combine rum or vodka flavored syrup in a sealable glass or bottle. Shake well and let stand in a cool dark place for 10 days. How to make coffee liqueur? Shake the jar well every day or two.  After 10 days, strain the liquor through a fine sieve or cheesecloth to remove all the coffee beans and the vanilla bean. Store in a sealed liquor bottle.  Enjoy plain liquor or use it in coffee liqueur cocktails!

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 Coffee liqueur recipe- Tips

You can tailor the flavor to your personal taste by varying the coffee, sugar or vanilla content. Be sure to choose a good quality instant coffee as this will significantly affect the overall flavor of your liquor. Similarly, rum or vodka should be a brand that you would like to drink on your own.


It is easier to strain the solution from a glass or wide-mouth bottle than from a thin-necked liquor bottle.  As with any CSF infusion, the time required varies. It’s best to do a taste test every few days to see how the flavor evolves.

Coffee liqueur recipe


Reusing the liquor bottle your rum or vodka came in is a great way to recycle it. Rinse the bottle well and remove the label. Add a new label (painter’s tape is perfect for temporary labels) with the flavor and the date it was created. Store liquor like any other liquor. If it is kept tightly closed, it should retain its aroma for a few months.

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 Recipe variations

Vanilla beans can be expensive. For a cheaper alternative, you can use about 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract to make the natural vanilla syrup.  If desired, switch from instant coffee to whole coffee beans and use 1/2 cup of your favorite roast. This can change the duration of the infusion, so it is best to taste the liquor regularly. Once the flavor is where you like it, strain the beans.

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