Add some salt to your coffee next time! Here is the benefits

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Coffee and salt benefits

Definitely adding sugar, cream and milk to coffee is one of the most popular breakfast drinks among the people of the world, but it may be interesting to you that the combination of coffee and salt is another one that many of us may like. We are not familiar. But the question is how to do it and what are the benefits and properties of using salt and for which coffees is it used? We try to answer all these questions in this article.

Why use a combination of coffee and salt?

Combine salt with coffee

At the outset, we want to look at different cases. A very clear answer to the question, why do people use salt to mix with coffee at all, and why should coffee and salt be used together?

In answer to this question, it should be said that the most important issue is to eliminate and reduce the bitterness of coffee. In fact, salt can help reduce the bitterness of coffee for those who do not like it too much to enjoy drinking it.

The combination of coffee and salt was from Turkey, which gradually spread to all parts of the world, make no mistake, the Turkish people did not realize that they could use this combination to improve the taste of coffee !!

Rather, there was an old custom in this country that boys who intend to get married drink a cup of salted coffee to show their seriousness and patience. : *

After this, the question arises, what happens when our coffee becomes very bitter and what is the reason?

combination of coffee and salt

Causes of bitter coffee

There are many different things that can affect this issue. But it should be noted that not everyone hates this bitterness, and many coffee lovers love this bitterness.

But here, when we look at the combination of coffee and salt, we are actually trying to find a solution for those who have a problem with it.

Coffee type: The type and type of coffee itself can increase or decrease the bitterness in the models, some coffees have a chocolate flavor or some have a fruity aroma and in some cases it is bitter. In general, Robusta seeds are slightly more bitter than other models.

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Roasting coffee: In fact, the most important factor in the bitterness of coffee is its roasting. This is why we feel almost no bitterness when we use brewed green and raw coffee.

Scientifically, experiments have shown that when we roast coffee, two compounds of lactone and phenylacetic acid are released, which makes it bitter. Of course, lactone chlorogenic acid is found in all roasts, but Finnish acid is found only in dark roasts, and that is why most of them are bitter.

How to make coffee: When you sometimes do not follow the rules in preparing and brewing coffee, you subconsciously make it bitter. The time of making coffee, using very hot water and boiling coffee are the 3 main factors and the reason for this issue, and you can use a combination of coffee and salt to solve these cases.

combination of coffee and salt

Properties of coffee and salt and how it works

Properties of salt

As we have said, many people like to add a little sugar or cream to their coffee first thing in the morning, but it is important to know how the combination of coffee and sugar removes its bitterness and what benefits it has for our drink.

In fact, adding a little salt to a cup of coffee can neutralize its bitterness, not only reducing the bitterness, but also smoothing out the old taste of the water stored in the tank.

According to researches salt is actually better at neutralizing bitterness than sugar. It is a scientific fact that sodium, one of the main components of salt, neutralizes bitterness.

This is because the taste buds react to the salty flavor instead of bitterness, so sodium can be even more effective in masking the bitterness of coffee than it has been for centuries. Scientifically, sugar can only slightly hide it, while salt can completely neutralize it.

Salt tastes good because it is picked up by receptors on the tongue. It blocks the bitter and sour flavors, which is why it is often added to foods to make them tastier.

Sodium ions prevent the bitter aroma of taste buds from being recorded, which is why the combination of coffee and salt neutralizes the bitterness.

The combination of coffee and salt, in addition to flavor, increases the quality of water, and most importantly, the presence of sodium in it can be very effective and beneficial for human health.

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