Comparison and review of Nitro Coffee and cold brew

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Comparison and review of Nitro Coffee and cold brew

Comparison and review of Nitro Coffee and cold brew

You may be a little surprised to see this and wonder if Nitro Coffee and cold brew were not the same? This is a topic that has been mistakenly spread among many coffee lovers, although the two coffees are very similar and this issue has not been ineffective in creating this common mistake.

In this article, we try to fully review these two coffees and tell you the differences between them to find out which one is more suitable for you to drink. Have.

Take a look at Comparison and review of nitro coffee and cold brew

First of all, both Nitro Coffee and cold brew coffee are quite different from coffee ice or the same combination of coffee and ice, and we’ve looked at that before.

If we want to briefly examine this issue, we must say that you mix a hot brewed coffee with ice in coffee ice and then use it, but the case of cold brew or cold brew is a completely different matter.

You have a different way of extracting cold coffee, and by using ground coffee and soaking it in purified water for a long time, which usually lasts overnight, you are considering a different way of preparing your coffee.

There are several different ways to make a cold brew, all of which follow a fixed formula: cold water, coffee, and a long night brew. A change in any of these factors leads to a change in the concentration and color of the drink.

As for Nitro Coffee, it can be said that it is the cold brew coffee in which we add nitrogen. Sometimes, when hearing the name of nitrogen, some people are a little afraid of drinking this coffee, but we must say that Nitro Coffee is completely healthy in terms of health. It even has many properties and benefits for drinking.

The presence of caffeine, antioxidants and micronutrients such as riboflavin and pantothenic acid in this coffee has made you a completely healthy and useful option.

Differences between Nitro Coffee and cold brew

Nitro Coffee and cold brew are both ice coffees that have one main and special difference, and that is the difference in the texture of these drinks, which is completely different.

In Nitro Coffee, due to the addition of millions of nitrogen bubbles, you will see a creamy texture in the coffee. While in ordinary cold brew coffee you do not see this at all.

This was the most important thing you needed to know about these two drinks, but that was not the whole story, stay tuned.

Comparison and review of Nitro Coffee and cold brew

1. Nitro Coffee creates an attractive feeling for the drink.

At the beginning we talked about the creaminess of Nitro Coffee, this feature creates an attractive drink that appears in your mouth when you drink it, exactly what a person gets when drinking milk with microfoam.

Depending on the type of nitrogen transfer to your coffee, this state can include all or part of your coffee, but typically this creamy state accounts for a significant portion of your drink.

This is what separates Nitro Coffee and cold brew because you will not see this feature in cold brew coffee and you will have a simple coffee without any bubbles.

Of course, there is another obvious difference in drinking these two coffees is that in cold brew coffee, ice is mainly used for cooling, but in Nitro Coffee, you will rarely see this issue.

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2. Cold brew coffee conveys more flavor.

But if you are looking for the taste and aroma of your coffee instead of creating the feeling of drinking coffee, you should definitely choose the second option between Nitro Coffee and cold brew.

In fact, cold brew coffee conveys the main taste of coffee to you, but with a slight difference compared to hot coffee, and it is less bitter taste of coffee, which is due to the reduction of the acidic properties of coffee in cold brew coffee.

In cold brew coffee you can fully feel the taste of different coffees, but in Nitro Coffee it is different and the presence of many bubbles in it causes your tongue to deviate from understanding the main taste of coffee and is no longer able to recognize Do not taste the acidic and bitter taste of coffee.

3. Nitro Coffee has more caffeine than cold brew.

As mentioned in the previous sections, the most effective issue in preparing Nitro Coffee and cold brew is bubbles. When you have a large amount of bubbles in your coffee, you need to make changes to your recipe. .

When you have a lot of bubbles, you need to use more ground coffee to better understand the taste of the drink, which increases the amount of caffeine in Nitro Coffee.

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Almost within Nitro Coffee, this difference in caffeine is as much as a shot of espresso, which is why Nitro Coffee is a better option for staying awake.

Of course, do not forget that cold brew coffee is not low in caffeine and is higher in terms of caffeine than many beverages such as latte and cappuccino.

Do not forget that it is not really a coincidence that among the types of Starbucks drinks, these are the nitro coffees that are in the top ranks, followed by cold brew coffees.

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