De Olla Coffee is a traditional coffee from Mexico

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De Olla Coffee is a traditional coffee from Mexico

De Coffee is one of the options that you should not miss if you are one of the people who are looking to drink special and traditional coffees. Brown with sweet flavors and spices that are prepared in an earthenware dish that is very similar to Daisy dishes.

In this article, we try to learn how to prepare it at home, first and after a general introduction and knowledge of De Olla Coffee is a traditional coffee from Mexico.

Introduction De Olla Coffee is a traditional coffee from Mexico

De Ola coffee is one of the traditional coffees of Mexico, one of the top 10 coffee producers in the world and is known as a rich culture among the production and consumption of coffee among them. Semantically, the name of this coffee means “teapot coffee”.

Among the countries where coffee drinking is very popular, always presenting ideas that can provide coffee drinking for the country’s soldiers is one of the priorities. This can already be clearly seen in American coffee, coffee de ola is another case in point.

In the early twentieth century, when the Mexican Revolution took shape, many Mexicans were looking for an idea to make coffee that would fit the needs of soldiers and troops, a method of preparation that could easily be multiplied. Have long-term use and maintenance.

That’s why De Ola coffee was made in an earthenware dish. This coffee was very suitable for soldiers because of 4 very special features:

De Olla Coffee is a traditional coffee from Mexico

4 special characteristics of coffee

  1. This coffee was prepared in earthenware dishes that had the ability to retain heat for a long time for its contents, so after brewing coffee, you will first see in these earthenware dishes that until It will stay warm for a long time.
  2. The second thing that we need to mention about the characteristics of this coffee is the spices used in this drink, which makes it have a sweet and different taste. This special taste makes it easy to make this coffee. Lost and consumed again, while other coffees, due to their bitter taste, reheat them to create an unpleasant taste.

It is necessary to point out that heating this coffee will definitely reduce the aroma and taste of Di Ola coffee, but let’s not forget that the main purpose of this coffee is to use it for soldiers in difficult conditions.

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  1. Using a clay teapot to prepare this coffee has made it very easy to heat this coffee and it is done easily and we do not need any other equipment.
  2. As we have said, one of the characteristics of coffee is that it can be heated in some way. The special feature of this method is that the pottery used in the method of preparing this coffee in hot weather. Making it will convey a pleasant earthy taste to your coffee.

We all know that the presence of an earthy taste in coffee makes its final taste desirable.

De Olla Coffee is a traditional coffee from Mexico

How to prepare De Olla Coffee

Raw materials and methods of work

Coffee powder with medium mill

Unrefined sugar (piloncillo)




Lemon peel or orange peel

If in the meantime you do not see the amount needed for raw materials, it is because there is really no number for them and as we said, each family and ethnicity has its own special way.

But the method of working and making coffee is first of all in different ways, we have considered two methods for you:

The first method is that before you go to brewing coffee, after boiling the water, add other raw materials such as cloves, cinnamon, fennel, lemon or orange peel to the water and with very low heat Let them cook for 10 minutes.

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Next, pour the coffee powder into an earthenware dish, then add the sugar, then add the mixture you prepared in the first step and let your coffee brew.

But the second method used to brew De Olla Coffee is to wrap the coffee powder with cloves, sugar and cinnamon in a cloth and pour it into boiling water.

Once the contents of the fabric have reached the right temperature, they begin to secrete into the boiling water, at which time you should add the peel of a lemon or orange to your boiling water.

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