Different methods of brewing coffee

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Different methods of brewing coffee

Different methods of brewing coffee

Coffee can definitely be considered one of the best drinks in the world, which is one of the few drinks that are known and used around the world, so knowing how to brew coffee is one of the most important issues in The coffee case has to be addressed.

Take a look at Different methods of brewing coffee

There are various tools and methods for brewing coffee that can be divided into two main categories, immersion method and infusion method !! Here we try to introduce you to these two methods of brewing coffee in general:

Introduction of immersion method

  1. Immersion method

If we want to simply describe this method, which is the main method of preparing coffee brewing, we must say that the immersion method means that the ground coffee is completely immersed in water, and then this water over time, the coffee extraction process. he is doing it.

The immersion method can be considered a method without direct intervention in brewing, and you just need to add water and wait, 4 to 5 minutes, which is almost the standard time for making different coffees.

The most common method of immersion is the use of the French press, in addition to the standard quality evaluation methods of the coffee industry, Copsing also uses the immersion technique.

While many cold brewing methods that involve prolonged soaking are also immersion.

It can be said that almost all immersion methods of coffee brewing also need to be filtered, because in these methods, the pulp remains and whatever filter is used, the task of removing coffee pulp and the smallest particles in the final drink. Is in charge.

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Of course, for different coffees and methods, the type of filter used is different. For example, the French press uses a metal filter while the filter is a paper chlorine.

As immersion continues, the rate of extraction decreases, as coffee solids dissolve in water and the beverage becomes more and more saturated.

Different methods of brewing coffee

Brewing coffee by infusion method

  1. coffee infusion

First we try to provide a simple definition of this method, infusion method involves a constant flow of water that is ground through a coffee grounds and passes through a filter.

Virtually all instant coffee brewing methods use the infusion method; Comax, Calita View, and V60 use the common hand-drip brewing methods.

But even a drip-automatic machine like Mr. Coffee, BonaVita or Fetco brewing machine use infusion method.

The infusion method works a little better than the immersion method in extracting coffee solutes, this is because it solves the problem of saturating the immersion method with a constant source of fresh water.

More soluble substances can enter the beverage, and eventually hot water will extract all the soluble substances in the coffee.

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The infusion method can also create challenges. Manual methods are prone to improper water pouring techniques. For example, infusion methods run the risk of channeling where the water flow finds its way around the ground coffee, which means that part of the coffee powder will not be extracted.

In addition, if the ground coffee is too fine, it can block the flow of water, which can cause the brewing time to be unusually long or cause the filter basket to overflow.

Here we have fully introduced the two main methods of brewing coffee so that you can use them to prepare a quality drink.

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