Drinking coffee and love your kidney

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Drinking coffee and love your kidney

Drinking coffee and love your kidney

What do you know about the relationship between coffee and the kidneys? Did you know that this drink is high in caffeine and can have direct effects on your internal organs?

There are many drinks that can be useful for better kidney function, drinks such as: watermelon juice, beet juice, cucumber juice and so on. Some drinks can also be toxic to the kidneys, and if the kidneys have a serious problem, it is not recommended at all.

But do you think the relationship between coffee and the kidneys is beneficial or harmful? Can this lovely and popular drink affect the improvement or progression of kidney diseases? Join us to learn more about its properties. Follow Drinking coffee and love your kidney to answer your questions.

Coffee is so popular in the world that researchers have tried to examine all aspects of it and measure its positive and negative effects on the body. One of the researches of these people is what coffee can aggravate and what diseases can soothe. It may be hard for you to believe that at some point in some parts of the world, coffee was banned for a variety of reasons.

People with kidney stones should not drink coffee!

These people should consume less coffee per day or drink this delicious drink once or twice a week. Because the caffeine in coffee increases the amount of calcium in the urine.

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If the amount of calcium in the urine of people whose kidneys are prone to stone production increases, then stone production will also increase. Excretion of stones and eating them in the kidneys is very painful, and those who have a history of this disease, should be careful in their food intake and do not forget about sports activities.

Drinking coffee and love your kidney

If they can eat the stone naturally in the kidneys and then excrete it, it is much easier than laser. So keep in mind that the caffeine in coffee is harmful to those with kidney stones, and it is recommended that they use less coffee. This is a very serious risk for those whose kidneys produce calcium oxalate stones and they should not use coffee at all.

Do not drink too much coffee!

Eating caffeinated coffee can raise blood pressure, which requires long-term, high-dose coffee consumption. With high blood pressure, kidney disease also occurs because after diabetes, the main and influential factor on the kidneys is blood pressure.

However, according to research, consuming 3 cups of coffee a day, which has about 150 mg of caffeine, can not have an effect on people with healthy kidneys. There is also evidence that consuming caffeinated coffee can reduce the risk of kidney cancer, which is directly related to caffeinated coffee, meaning that decaffeinated coffee does not have this property and may even kill kidney cancer cells. Stimulate.

According to a scientific and accurate study in a hospital in Portugal, daily consumption of caffeine increases the life expectancy of patients with chronic kidney problems and prevents their premature death.

Also, according to research, caffeine consumption can increase the risk of kidney cysts, patients with polycystic ovaries should not consume this drink at all.



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