Drinking coffee in colds and flu and effects

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The fact is that there are benefits and drawbacks to drinking coffee while you’re unwell. In certain instances, it might impair your body’s capacity to recover. Coffee has been demonstrated in scientific tests to have an effect on sleep, even when drank six hours before going to bed. Here is all you need to know about drinking coffee in colds and flu and studying its effects.

Improving immunological function

That’s not ideal when you’re trying to go back to “normal.” Coffee, on the other hand, contains some characteristics that can get you going. Caffeine has been connected in scientific research to improving immunological function as well as avoiding inflammation. And, unless you’re producing decaf, coffee contains caffeine.

Benefits of drinking coffee in colds

Coffee has a lot of antioxidants, which assist to combat inflammation and boost the immune system. A cup or two of coffee each day when unwell can aid to strengthen your immune system while it fights disease. According to a research, caffeine in coffee lowers the overall grogginess associated with colds. Participants suffering from colds stated that consuming coffee boosted their alertness and performance to the same extent as the healthy group.

What are the side effects of drinking coffee in colds?

Although coffee has its advantages, if you’re not careful, it might be a detriment to your recovery. You should cease consuming it six to eight hours before bed. Rest is essential while recuperating from an illness, and the caffeine in coffee might impair your capacity to sleep. Make sure that if you’re drinking coffee, you’re also drinking enough of water to avoid dehydration.

Medications that should not be mixed with coffee

If you’re confined to your bed, it’s extremely probable that you’re taking either an over-the-counter or a doctor-prescribed medication. In both circumstances, it’s critical to understand that some drugs should not be mixed with coffee. The following are the ones to be extremely cautious of since they should not be mixed with coffee:


Both ephedrine and coffee are stimulants, and both can raise blood pressure. Ephedrine is typically present in decongestants, so read the label before preparing your morning cup if you’re taking one.


Although theophylline is not a stimulant, it does have some properties that are comparable to caffeine. Chemically, the two are quite similar. That’s why you shouldn’t have them both at the same time. Otherwise, you’re putting yourself at danger of having a beating heart, which isn’t enjoyable when you’re already feeling awful.


This plant is widely included in pharmaceuticals since it is both immune-supportive and pain-relieving. However, according to MayoClinic, it can also increase the concentration of caffeine. The ultimate effect might be a speeding heart and elevated blood pressure once more. Still confused whether you should have someone go to Starbucks for you? Always keep in mind that there are alternative soothing beverages to enjoy.

Tea with honey

Tea with honey (which one RD suggests to everyone who is sick) may be precisely what you need to feel better. Or, hey, maybe you’re yearning for some joy, and for you, that joy comes in the shape of coffee, and nothing else will suffice. That’s great, too—just remember to keep an eye on your prescriptions. You’ll be back up and running in no time. Consider how delighted your neighborhood barista will be to see you.


So, drinking coffee in colds is possible even if you’re feeling under the weather. To assist restore your system, drink a large glass of water in the morning and take an over-the-counter cold and flu medicine like Theraflu Multi-Symptom Severe Cold as required for effective relief that you can feel right away. To assist ease your symptoms while you sleep, switch to tea.

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