Everything about making affogato at home

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Everything about making affogato at home

Everything about making affogato at home

Do you want to know everything about making affogato at home? let’s start with the fact that affogato means “drowned” in Italian and is considered an upgraded iced latte. Affogato is served in all cafes and gelato shops all over Italy. You only need three ingredients for making affogato at home: a shot of liqueur, espresso, and gelato. When you pour the hot espresso over the cold gelato, you can find pure happiness. What do you know about making affogato at home? in this article, we will review the tips to make affogato at home.

We will show you how to make the best affogato at home without having an espresso machine. I can assure you that you will love the sound of sweet and creamy gelato which is mixed with the strong flavor of espresso. An affogato can be the real treat for you. To make the best affogato at home, you should know the best gelato for an affogato.

What is the best gelato for an affogato?

To determine the best gelato for an affogato, we must have in mind that vanilla gelato is the one that is commonly used in making affogato. However, a quality vanilla bean ice cream can be good too. They can also be switched up to have flavored ice creams like mint chips or chocolate. If you want to have an extra hit of caffeine, consider trying coffee or mocha. You can even make your own gelato or ice cream from the beginning.

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You can make a classic affogato with two cups of gelato to one shot of espresso. Want to find the best gelato for an affogato? When you are making it at home, you can change everything including the ratio. According to who you’re serving, it can be adjusted.

Everything about making affogato at home

How to make the best affogato at home without an espresso machine?

In case you have an espresso machine, you must try brewing a shot of your desired espresso and pouring it over the ice cream or gelato. However, to make the best affogato at home, you can use another method like a standard coffee maker or a stovetop espresso maker. Regardless of the type of method you use, remember to brew coffee or espresso for the number of individuals that are being served.

How can you serve an affogato?

It will be a good idea to serve the affogato in a clear glass because it is joyful to watch the espresso hitting the gelato and melting it. Pour the shot over the top after brewing the espresso or coffee. Then, a splash of liqueur should be added. Finally, the affogato is ready to be served.

The traditional affogato can be topping-free, but you can consider adding a little something before serving. You can use shaved chocolate, crushed hazelnuts, fresh whipped cream, or crumbled biscotti.

What are the Ingredients of an affogato?

  1. Espresso: 1 shot
  2. Vanilla gelato or ice cream: 2 scoops
  3. Amaretto: 1 splash
  4. For serving: shaved dark chocolateEverything about making affogato at home

What equipment is needed to make an affogato?

You will need:

  1. Small drinking glass
  2. Ice cream scoop
  3. Espresso maker


  1. First, the espresso should be brewed. Choose your desired brewing method and start brewing one-shot espresso.
  2. When the espresso is brewing, scoop the gelato or ice cream. In this step, drop into a small drinking glass 2 scoops of vanilla ice cream or gelato.
  3. Then, add the espresso and amaretto. Consider pouring the espresso shot and one splash amaretto over the ice cream.
  4. On the final step, use shaved dark chocolate for serving and that’s it. Enjoy your wonderful affogato!

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