Five mistakes in preparing Espresso

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Five mistakes in preparing Espresso

Five mistakes in preparing Espresso

No one is absolutely right … we all make mistakes. And we do not always have a helping hand that helps us away from these inaccuracies and leads us to the path of perfection. Super Sears is here to save the day again! Dressed in lycra (if you’re lucky) and brewing a flawless espresso until the cow gets home, the oil is here to help. Here are five mistakes in preparing Espresso.

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DOES NOT USE ENOUGH COFFEE – Ignore the old school Italian espresso recipes of 7g single and 14g double. This was the ideal dose at the time, but the preference for a higher coffee flavor has led to a more modern standard of double doses of 1618g. This is due to the growth of the specialty coffee industry and better access to super tasty and high quality coffees.


Espresso used to be a drink that was made to order in a coffee shop. This comes with the requirement of a decent grinder. SELECTING a coffee is an extremely complicated process and grind settings can change for a number of reasons. Adding store-bought ground coffee to your portafilter can be helpful, but it comes at a price when it comes to quality.


Too coarse a grind results in a watery, weak or sour espresso. With a smaller surface area and more space between grinds, the pressurized water flows very quickly through the coffee in the basket. This means that the espresso can end up being quite thin and not disappointing.

Five mistakes in preparing Espresso


Fine grinding is not considered a failure due to the increased surface area of ​​the coffee and the ability to extract more aroma from the ground in the same amount of time. However, too much flavor can be detrimental as not all flavorings are pleasant. For example, you can ruin a deliciously sweet specialty coffee by grinding it too finely and ending up with a disappointing bitter shot of espresso.


One of the five mistakes in preparing Espresso is distribution. DO NOT DISTRIBUTE COFFEE EFFECTIVELY – ultimately leads to channeling. This is an often unknown but essential part of making a good espresso. Most home baristas are never told how important this step is. The ground coffee is evenly leveled and deposited in the espresso basket.

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DO NOT STOP THE COFFEE LEVEL: you have a problem similar to poor distribution, as the water again finds the thinnest / weakest points in the basket to pass through. One of the five mistakes in preparing Espresso is stamped. By not filling the layer, you are unknowingly compressing the coffee more densely in one area than another, leaving at least one area of ​​less depth. If one side of the coffee bed is lower, you will see that gravity moves all the water towards that area, taking advantage of the difference between the sides. Simply put, this means that you can infuse some areas of the coffee and infuse others in the same espresso.


IS NOT THE RIGHT STARCH IN YOUR ESPRESSO – Contrary to popular belief, starch is not a number on a bag, an expression of the degree of roastiness or caffeine content. It’s just a matter of dilution. “Dilute” the coffee you are preparing to your liking. Excellent espresso recipes made with quality coffees can vary, but most use starch as a key component to maximize your coffee tasting experience and avoid spiciness or discoloration.

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