Fresh coffee and its 3 main characteristics for the best purchase

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Fresh coffee and its 3 main characteristics for the best purchase

Fresh coffee and its 3 main characteristics for the best purchase

Fresh coffee is one of the most important things that many coffee lovers are looking for when shopping. The use of the word novelty is a bit vague and incomprehensible, and everyone can have a different impression, but when you use the word for coffee, it is most likely one of the three perspectives you have in mind; 1. Freshly produced coffee beans 2. Freshness of the mill 3. Freshness of the roast.

In this article, we have tried to carefully examine all 3 characteristics that you may have in mind about fresh coffee and pay attention to it in some way, so that if you are going to buy, you can make the best possible decision. With “Fresh coffee and its 3 main characteristics for the best purchase “Be with us

Fresh coffee and its 3 main characteristics for the best purchase

1. Freshly produced coffee

It is sometimes observed that companies use the fact that the coffee beans used in their factories are very fresh, but is this claim true? We will explicitly say no !!

Coffee-producing countries in the world are very limited and also the operation of the coffee processing process is time consuming and the possibility that you can use freshly brewed coffee to brew coffee, except in a few countries such as Brazil, Kenya, Colombia and others. Coffee makers are not possible.

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As we said, the word fresh coffee is relative and these companies express this issue compared to other coffee beans in the market.

In general, the way it works is that there are big companies in the world such as Lavaz coffee, Starbucks coffee, Eli coffee and که that buy fresh coffee beans from farms and supply them in three main forms in the world. They do, green coffee beans, roasted coffee beans and ground coffee powder.

Fresh coffee and its 3 main characteristics for the best purchase

2. Freshly roasted coffee beans

Roasting coffee or roasting coffee can be introduced as one of the main parts of having an ideal coffee, which is very important and most people know fresh coffee in the recent roasting process.

As we said, green coffee beans are marketed in different ways when they are sent to different companies, and it is up to you which method to choose.

If you are looking for a fresh coffee, the best possible option is to get the freshest green coffee beans from the companies and do the roasting and grinding of the coffee yourself.

But this is almost impossible for ordinary customers and buyers. On the other hand, the equipment and tools for professional roasting coffee are very heavy, and even if you can do it with simple equipment, you need to become a professional in this work.

But you have two other ways to buy your coffee beans:

There are two main common ways to make fresh coffee beans

  1. The first way is to buy the seeds that have been roasted by large companies that have done the roasting and roasting work for you and packed the seeds in packages that do not penetrate the air, and you can do it yourself. Grind the seeds.

By doing this, you have benefited from a professional reset by large companies that has been done very accurately and properly, but there is a problem; Falling is a long time between roasting and consumption, which causes some coffee flavor to be lost, which can vary slightly depending on the date of the coffee bean and the type of packaging.

  1. But what is the second solution? There are companies and workshops all over the world that buy green coffee beans in bulk from the producing countries and do the roasting operation with professional equipment and pack the beans or in the form of They provide you with bulk and fresh.

In fact, by doing so, you will have access to freshly brewed coffee beans, which retain both the aroma and flavor of the beans and are much less troublesome to use. The requirement that you need to pay attention to when buying these seeds is the quality of the seeds and the roasting done on them.

But perhaps the question that arises for you is that if we want to buy this type of seeds as well, there may be a few days between buying and using the seeds, so what is the difference with the first method?

It is good to know that all experts believe that the use and consumption of freshly brewed coffee is very wrong due to the release of CO2 gas in coffee, and falling a few days apart (at least 3 days) is not only bad, but the results Positive for your drink.

And the other thing is that the seeds germinated by large companies reach you for more than several months and sometimes a year and are not comparable to this method.

3. Freshly ground coffee

We come to the part where we talk about the middle ground when it comes to fresh coffee.

First of all, you need to know what it means when you decide to grind coffee, you have started to lose the taste and aroma of coffee in a serious way.

Studies show that ground coffee has the greatest possible role in releasing gases due to the high level of contact with the outside air, and if any type of ground coffee is exposed to the open air, it will have its own flavor and aroma. Will lose greatly.

With these conditions, you will encounter a very bad-tasting or tasteless and stale coffee that has a lower nutritional value not only in terms of taste, but also in terms of properties and benefits.

But what is the grinding process that can give us a fresh coffee? You need to be familiar with 3 modes

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3 states of freshly ground coffee

Fresh coffee

The first is that you are going to buy coffees that are already ground by large companies. When you buy these products, you should expect this to be short due to the long time gap between the grinder and the freshness of your coffee.

But again, these would mean that you have to spend for these processes. It is fully protected and this has led to an acceptable level of freshness in their products.

The second case is that you go to domestic companies that buy green coffee beans and do the roasting and grinding operation on them, and the duration of coffee use and roasting and grinding operation can be done They reduce attention.

In this type of product, as we have said, the freshness of the coffee is higher than the first case, but the issue is that sometimes the packaging is weaker than the larger companies.

The third case is referring to face-to-face stores that do the roasting and grinding operation for you in an instant and deliver ready-made coffee to you.

In this method, the latest method of making coffee may be visible, but due to two major problems, it can not bring good results for you.

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First of all, the equipment that these shops use for grinding is sometimes not standard and the coffee powder delivered to you is not the same size. This makes it difficult to extract your coffee, and in many cases the bitterness of your coffee becomes too good.

On the other hand, because these stores do not have packaging for their products and sell everything to you in bulk, in many cases the taste and aroma of your coffee is quickly lost and their shelf life is very high. It is low.

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