Guide to buying quality coffee beans

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Making a wonderful cup of coffee is ultimately determined by the coffee beans at your disposal. Without high-quality coffee beans, your chances of generating a pleasant, refreshing coffee are minimal – regardless of the equipment you’re using. Of all, one person’s notion of excellent coffee beans may be completely different from another’s. Here is the guide to buying quality coffee beans.

What kind of coffee beans to choose?

Medium size

To achieve a medium roast, roasters remove coffee beans from the heat source right before the second crack. Medium roasts lose some acidity and have a more roasty-toasty taste. This taste overpowers some of the regional elements, however they still come through to some extent. Medium roasts contain less caffeine than light roasts but more than dark roasts.


Light roasting indicates that the coffee beans were subjected to heat for the shortest period of time possible, resulting in a light brown final product. Coffee beans explode between 380°F and 400°F, referred to as “first crack,” then again between 435°F and 450°F, referred to as “second crack.” Roasters take mild roasts off the fire immediately after the first crack.


Coffee roasters heat beans to a second crack and then some to obtain a dark roast. Because high temperatures drain a lot of the natural oils, the beans acquire a lustrous, dark brown appearance. Roasted notes emerge, and the resultant coffee might be harsh. Dark roasts have the least amount of caffeine since they simmer the longest. In terms of flavor, a dark roast cup of coffee lacks the vibrant acidity of lighter roasts, and regional differences are scarcely discernible.

Features of quality coffee beans


The beans should be smooth and uniform in color. Find a new roaster if the ends are burned or the color is mottled. You should be able to fracture a bean in half long ways with your fingers, indicating that the roast has penetrated the entire bean rather than just the exterior piece. If the interior of the bean is blonde or green, or if it smells like grass or new bread, look for a different roaster. Finally, consume a bean and analyze its flavor; it should be crisp, not chewy, and have a well-balanced flavor.


A coffee is distinguished by its flavor and the absence of flaws. Because taste is subjective (here, you must believe the SCA’s Q graders and your palate, for example), the visual assessment to check for faults persists. It must not have any visible flaws, either in the grain or in the roast. Split, immature, wrinkled, floating, parchment, crushed, fluffy, shelled, marbled, or shelled coffee beans are examples of green coffee faults. Some of them will be visible, while others might be concealed from view by roasting.

Roasting date

A good starting point for consumers is whether the coffee beans have a roasting date rather than a best before date… That elevates you from supermarket-grade coffee to good coffee. They’re not going to inform you that supermarket coffee has been sitting on the shelf for months!

Good aroma

Fresh beans have a pleasant scent. When you brew it, the finest litmus test is performed. Although a dark roast may have a pleasant scent, this does not always imply that it is of high quality. Price, in my opinion, is a good indicator. If a roaster can offer you anything at a lower price, you should examine if it is excellent or not. Good quality green beans are expensive, especially micro-lots, and no roaster can offer them for £7.50 per 250g, for example.

illy Classico Whole Bean Coffee, Medium Roast

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Italian coffee

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