Have you ever tried espresso tonic?

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Have you ever tried espresso tonic?

Have you ever tried espresso tonic? In this article, we will get familiar with this stylish drink.

The mixture of tonic water and a double shot of espresso over ice is called an espresso tonic. This combination may surprise you but they say that rich bitter coffee mixed with citrus and the electric flavor of the tonic may be something addictive.

The origin of espresso tonic?

But what is the origin of espresso tonic? Nowadays coffee is so famous around the world. As a result, seeing a three feet tall menu with several dozen combinations may not surprise you when you go into a coffee shop. Also, you can choose your favorite coffee shop that has a selection of coffee-based cocktails.

The exact origin of espresso tonic is not clear completely, and it did not get its name after a famous place or a celebrity, the time it entered the coffee scene is not known.

We cannot determine the exact origin of espresso tonic, however, it had been particularly available in cafes in Scandinavia, Sweden, and Norway since 2007.

Have you ever tried espresso tonic?

Suitable coffee for espresso tonic

If you want to try a new drink and appreciate the full flavors of this stylish drink, ingredients must have a good quality, so you must know the suitable coffee for espresso tonic.

Do you know what is the suitable coffee for espresso tonic? a fresh roasted with a high-quality specialty roaster coffee can be the suitable coffee for espresso tonic. Usually, an Ethiopian or African coffee like a light to medium roasted Kenyan is a good choice because of its smooth and gentle taste.

Suitable tonic for espresso tonic

A suitable tonic for espresso tonic is the one with high quality. All the important flavors will mix well with suitable tonic for espresso tonic so it is an important step.

If you want to choose a suitable tonic for espresso tonic, start with a good brand and choose the tonic which you like drinking alone. Avoiding cheap brands like Schweppes is not recommended at all. Instead, choose something like Fever-Tree or Q Indian Tonic Water.

How to make an espresso tonic?

To make an espresso tonic, you need the simplest things. It only has three ingredients. Remember that a slice of lemon, grapefruit or even a spice like nutmeg can be added to this drink in case you are looking for experimenting with the flavors a little. This is up to you.

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Large ice cubes, high-quality tonic water, double shot of single-origin espresso

Have you ever tried espresso tonic?

Steps to make an espresso tonic

Now you have the necessary information about this drink. Now it is your turn to put one together yourself to try this stylish drink.

Step 1

The first step to make an espresso tonic is grabbing a glass, especially a long glass. Then your ice should be added to the top.

Step 2

The tonic water should be poured three-quarters of the way up the glass. Make sure that the tonic is chilled.

Step 3

In the last step, pour the shot of your favorite espresso slowly and gently. Do it slowly because the drink shouldn’t be mixed yet.

Step 4

This is the optional step where your slice of lemon or other garnish can be added to the drink.

Final Thoughts

Although the recipe is simple, it is not considered a quick and easy drink. There are plenty of extra options that you can experiment with and add to your espresso tonic.

So next time, try making an espresso tonic to realize why it is considered coffee lover’s new best friend.

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