How to Add Extra Flavor to Coffee

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How to Add Extra Flavor to Coffee

How to Add Extra Flavor to Coffee

Coffee’s flavor is great on its own, but sometimes we like to drink a coffee that tastes different. Here, we will take a look at ways to add a nutritional boost or extra flavor to coffee.

Read and decide which one will be your next special morning brew.

Coconut Oil

There are many benefits known for coconut oil in recent years, from weight loss to improved brain function and antibacterial properties.

But adding coconut oil to your coffee doesn’t just result in a nutritional boost. It gives you coffee light coconut flavor and a delicious creamy texture. Want more coconut flavor in your coffee? Add a touch of coconut milk.

How to Add Extra Flavor to Coffee


Believe it or not, adding butter to coffee is a growing trend. It’s particularly popular for people who follow diets such as keto or intermittent fasting. If you want it to taste really good, don’t forget to use high-quality grass-fed unsalted butter or ghee.

Blend the butter into your coffee with coconut oil to make the creamy treat that curbs your appetite and prevents the post-caffeine crash.

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Don’t like the unappealing bitterness found in some coffees? Does the water you should use for brewing taste bad? Just add salt to your coffee grounds. Adding salt to your coffee is also a healthy choice, as it can replenish the sodium you lose when drinking coffee.

It is a long-standing tradition in some seaside regions to use salted water for coffee.

Flavor extracts

There are several flavor extracts on the market, including coconut, vanilla, nuts, chocolate, and orange. These flavors can be paired deliciously with the right coffee. They are nutritionless and sugar-free, so you can use these flavors as a calorie-free way to liven up your coffee.

How to Add Extra Flavor to Coffee

Cocoa powder

Chocolate not only tastes great but also is proven to have healthy properties. Cocoa powder is full of antioxidants, so, it lowers your blood pressure.

If you want to try a coffee that has cocoa powder in the recipe, we recommend Barbajada, a traditional Italian drink.


One way to add extra flavor to coffee is by adding cardamom to it. Cardamom is a coffee additive used for long years in the Middle East and India. Its taste goes with the fruity and bittersweet taste of coffee.

Ground Cinnamon

Cinnamon is a spice we might most associate with coffee. There are different ways to add extra flavor to coffee using cinnamon: you can brew a cinnamon coffee, add a sprinkle of cinnamon atop a cappuccino, or enjoy a pumpkin spice latte when it has got colder in fall.

But is cinnamon also a healthy choice? Yes! It is proven to improve cholesterol levels and control blood sugar.

How to Add Extra Flavor to Coffee

Cayenne Pepper

You might be surprised to hear that you can add flavor to coffee using pepper! But it is common in many countries in the Middle East and Central America. They often add cayenne pepper along with milk, sugar, or chocolate. Like all hot peppers, cayenne pepper boosts metabolism, is high in antioxidants, and is suitable for blood circulation.

To see how coffee tastes when cayenne pepper is added, you can try a Mexican mocha or cayenne cold brew.

Maple Syrup

The rich, smooth taste of maple syrup interacts well with coffee flavors. There are minerals and nutrients in maple syrup that can’t be found in refined sugar, such as zinc, potassium, magnesium, and calcium. Since maple syrup doesn’t need to be dissolved, it’s a great addition to add extra flavor to coffee when you want to drink a cold coffee. Try stirring maple syrup into a cold brew or make yourself an iced maple latte.

Next time you are making coffee in the morning, think about this list of simple ingredients that can give you a different coffee experience. You may want to try one!


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