How to brew coffee by Kalita Wave coffee maker?

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How to brew coffee by Kalita Wave coffee maker?

How to brew coffee by Kalita Wave coffee maker?

Today we are going to talk to you about how to make coffee with Kalita Wave coffee maker, which is one of the professional coffee makers and is used in most world coffee making competitions, if you are one of those people who every day You are drinking coffee, so be sure to be with us until the end. In this article we are going to teach How to brew coffee by Kalita Wave coffee maker?

Made in Japan, the Kalita Wave coffee maker has a flat sole and a filter, which is a very ideal option for making a smooth and clean cup of coffee.

How to brew coffee by Kalita Wave coffee maker?

First of all, we have to ask ourselves what kind of coffee are we looking to make? In fact, the style of making and brewing coffee with Kalita Wave is more like the coffee maker V60 and Comics, but with one main difference:

In Kalita Wave, instead of an outlet and extraction point, which is the case in Comax and V60, you have 3 outlet and extraction holes, and also your insole is smooth, which is a feature of any water channel in Removes the coffee grounds, resulting in a very crispy cup.

Necessary equipment for brewing

Kalita Wave


Coffee maker or kettle




Brew with Kalita Wave in a nutshell

Weigh 15 grams of coffee.

Grind your coffee to medium.

Heat 225 grams of water to a temperature between 90 and 96 degrees Celsius (wait 30 seconds after boiling water).

Rinse the filter.

Pour your coffee into the Kalita Wave filter.

Pour 25 grams of water.

After 75 seconds, add 75 grams of water.

Now wait for 30 seconds and then pour 75 grams of water again.

Finally, after 30 seconds, which is 90 seconds in the whole process, add the last 50 grams of water.

Wait for all the drops to come out and your coffee is ready to drink.

Preparing coffee with Kalita Wave is just as easy. However, there are several different factors involved in our entire brewing process, which we will cover in more detail later in this article.

How to brew coffee by Kalita Wave coffee maker?

Step-by-step instruction for making coffee with Kalita Wave

Step 1. Heat the water and rinse the coffee filter

You need to wash your filter with Kalita Wave coffee maker at the beginning to get rid of its papery taste, and you will also heat your coffee maker, which can have a positive effect on making your coffee brew.

The temperature you need for water is 90 to 96 degrees, and if you do not have a thermometer, you can use this method to let the water start boiling first and then wait for 30 seconds to reach the desired temperature. You will arrive.

After pouring water on the filter and rinsing it, drain the water from your container, be careful not to spill hot water on your coffee maker as this may change the quality of the Kalita Wave in the long run.

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Step 2. Weigh the coffee

Set your scales to 0 and weigh a little more than 15 grams of your coffee, meaning a little more than 1 to 2 grams, this is because you may have a small amount of coffee in the grinder And stay miller.

We use a 1 to 15 ratio of coffee to water when making coffee with the Kalita Wave coffee maker, which can vary slightly depending on your needs, whether you are looking for a weaker or stronger coffee.

Step 3. Grind your coffee

Grind your coffee beans and pour them into your grinder and grind and grind it in a medium size and prepare 15 grams of ground coffee and pour it into Kalita Wave.

After that, tap your coffee maker a few times so that the coffee is evenly distributed on the lower level of the Kalita Wave, so that the water is evenly distributed throughout the surface of your coffee, making your extraction even. Be.

How to brew coffee by Kalita Wave coffee maker?

Step 4. Pour water and start brewing with Kalita Wave coffee maker

After putting the water on the gas and bringing it to boiling temperature and waiting for about 30 seconds for the temperature to drop slightly and settle into the term, remove your timer and start pouring about 25 grams of water by tapping it. Then wait for about 30 seconds for your coffee to flourish.

Make sure that the pouring of water, especially in the middle of the coffee, is slow so that the coffee does not go to the sides and empties in the middle, as this will prevent your coffee from being extracted properly.

Now, after 30 seconds, to pour another 75 grams of water, you need to pour it in the central part of your Kalita Wave coffee maker and avoid pouring water in the side parts.

After another 30 seconds, pour 75 grams of water again, and after pouring and finished again, wait for 30 seconds and add the final 25 grams of your water, note that the whole process takes 90 seconds and between each You need to wait 30 seconds for the spilled water.

Finally, after we have added a total of 225 grams of water, stir your coffee a little and then we have to wait for all the coffee to be extracted from it, if at the end of our work and the ground coffee settles in the bottom of Kalita Wave as One hand is smooth, it means you did a good job.

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Step 5. Pour into your favorite glass

The process of extracting your coffee should take about 4 minutes, if this time was less for you, use a finer one after the ground coffee, and vice versa, if you have more time, use a larger one next time.

And at the end of the work, pour your Kalita Wave coffee maker from your glass and dish and serve it and enjoy the taste of an attractive coffee.

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