How to keep coffee fresh at home?

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How to keep coffee fresh at home?

How to keep coffee fresh at home?

Coffee tastes good when fresh. So how do you keep it at home so it stays fresh forever?

There are many tips and tricks, but some of them do more harm than good. Read on to find out why we need to store coffee properly. How to keep coffee fresh at home and important tips to get the best coffee.

Why is coffee storage important?

Potatoes are stored in dry and dark cabinets and cheeses are stored in the refrigerator. There are many famous rules about how to keep your favorite foods fresh at home.

This is especially true for your favorite morning drink, coffee. If it is not stored properly, it will lose its best taste. Daniel Herbert, the 2019 World Coffee Tasting Champion who lives in Ireland, says that coffee does not have an expiration date, but that does not mean that it does not make you sick.

Coffee is a food and, like all foods, it reacts with oxygen and becomes stale over time. Flavors and aromas are what make coffee delicious. So, when these shortcomings are due to exposure to oxygen, you can drink a less enjoyable cup. However, when properly stored, you can help preserve the freshness of the coffee as well as improve its flavor for a longer period of time.

How to keep coffee fresh at home?

We’ve put all the steps together to ensure you keep your coffee at home in the best possible way.

Check the roasting date.

You should not buy leftovers so make sure you check the roasting date of the coffee. This is the first step in keeping your coffee fresh at home.

Dinel told me that it is highly recommended that coffee be as fresh as possible. Coffee loses its flavor and aroma over time, so it is best to brew a cup of coffee with fresh coffee beans.

How to keep coffee fresh at home?

During the roasting process, various gases are present in the grain, including carbon dioxide. This carbon dioxide continues to be released from the grain after roasting, a process called degassing.

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Reduce contact with oxygen

Contact with air, especially oxygen, makes coffee last longer. So reducing contact is an easy way to improve how coffee is stored at home. A zipper lock prevents oxygen from entering the package. If you keep coffee in your main bag with a zipper lock or transfer it to another bag, try not to let air in as much as possible. This causes less air to react with the coffee inside the bag.

Store your coffee in the right place.

Moisture, light and heat all cause coffee to remain stale. Therefore, coffee needs to be stored in a dry, cool and dark place.

Buy less coffee and grind it yourself.

When buying coffee, there are things you can do to improve your coffee storage and freshness at home. Improving coffee storage can also be based on what kind of coffee you buy and how much you buy.

How to keep coffee fresh at home?

Keep coffee in the refrigerator

Coffee is porous and absorbs aromas. The refrigerator is full of different smells of various foods that are kept inside.

The best environment to keep coffee fresh at home

Wet and hot environments cause coffee to spoil faster. So try to consider an environment that is dry and cool, and also avoid placing coffee in front of windows or sunny environments.

Another important thing to know and keep in mind when storing coffee is to keep coffee packs away from other fragrant foods. Because coffee is strong enough to absorb any odor and aroma.

In addition to the above, the next point is the dehumidification of coffee, and this shows that it absorbs any moisture and odor around it quickly. These can be colognes, air and moisture, so always try to keep coffee beans and ground coffee away from any kind of fragrant and moist substances.

When you are going to make the coffee you need, pay attention to the conditions that you can provide at home and always try to buy coffee in beans and grind it fresh and use it. Because coffee beans have a longer shelf life than ground beans.

Grinding causes the coffee to react more with oxygen, which in turn causes the coffee to lose its freshness faster than usual.

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