How to make ice coffee without equipment?

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How to make ice coffee without equipment?

Cold press coffee is a good way to brew coffee for people who have a sensitive stomach. This is the best way to make cold coffee because the coffee is cold. Many people enjoy pressed coffee more than hot methods, because the main taste of coffee disappears at higher temperatures, and this method is more valid than other methods.

Brewing coffee at high temperatures destroys the good taste of coffee. Even when hot coffee is cooled, the taste still does not change, so hot coffee that is cooled is not recommended. Frozen espresso is also unpleasant because chemical changes occur when we cool the coffee. But enough cold press is not exposed to chemical reactions and you can put cold coffee in the refrigerator for a week. In this article we want to teach you How to make ice coffee without equipment?

How to make ice coffee without equipment?

How to make ice coffee without equipment?

How to make a cold press in five minutes

Before proceeding with this method, it is necessary to know how to extract coffee and why coffee can be brewed in this way in a few minutes. When brewing coffee, hot water breaks down coffee solids and aromatic oils. Aromatic coffee oils that are below the boiling point are eliminated and bitter compounds are released near the boiling point, so the brew temperature must be very controlled. At low temperatures your cup is not fragrant and at high temperatures your coffee has reached the highest extraction rate.

But temperature is just one way to speed up the process of dissolving coffee-soluble compounds. As a fan of cold coffee, you know that by pouring enough coffee in cold water, you will achieve a saturated solution. The more solids that enter your cup, the more they must be dissolved.

However, there is another way to speed up the dissolution of coffee solids. You know that if you wait long enough, the sugar dissolves in cold water. But we usually use it to dissolve it quickly. If you stir quickly and enough, you will dissolve all the good properties of coffee in the cup, so you will enjoy a coffee that is less irritating to the stomach, without the bitter ingredients and without the oxidation resulting from brewing.

How to make ice coffee without equipment?

How to make cold coffee

To do this we use coffee, water and a blender. But you have other options and it depends on you how you like to drink coffee.

Grind the coffee and then refine it, the better you do it, the better your coffee will be.

Mix coffee with water. Pour 3 teaspoons of coffee into a cup of water, you can use more coffee and then add more water or ice at the end. Stir constantly and mix thoroughly so that the coffee does not fall to the bottom of the cup. If you use an electric mixer, put it in a container. Stir with a mixer for at least a few minutes. The more you mix them, the better. Pour the liquid into the French press, press the plunger gently down, if you do not like the coffee grounds, leave about 10% of the liquid. Pour the coffee into a cup, add some water and ice and then serve.

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