How to prepare a cup of Turkish coffee

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How to prepare a cup of Turkish coffee

Turkish coffee is actually one of the dozens of methods of making and brewing coffee. There are other ways to make a coffee drink, such as espresso, French coffee, and so on. In this article we are going to say How to prepare a cup of Turkish coffee

Generally, to prepare this drink, you need a tool called Ibrik or coffee brewing, yes, you got it right, the same seemingly simple brewing coffee for Turkish coffee. Of course, if you do not have this device and do not plan to buy it, you can use hot milk to make your coffee. To make a cup of Turkish coffee, we need the following:

  • The finest ground coffee is one tablespoon of jam per person
  • A teapot for making Turkish coffee
  • Sugar and other additives (optional)

You may be wondering how long oh! But after reading the article, you will find that it is very interesting and specialized. And we will answer all your other questions about Turkishcoffee.

What coffee is suitable for Turkish coffee?

The answer to this question goes back to your coffee drinking experience, but it is the best coffee you can enjoy drinking! You can buy Turkishcoffee here, there are different types of Turkishcoffee.

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What tools do we use to make Turkish coffee?

Preparation of principles should be done with charm or iber, but it may not always be your tool! You can use the milk jug, which is the most similar tool to the ibrick, or any other narrow-mouthed container.

How to prepare Turkish coffee:

For each person, pour a tablespoon of coffee powder and a little more than a cup (because part of the water evaporates) of cold water into the boiling coffee. In the end, each cup of your coffee should be about 80 to 120 milliliters (or grams). Cold water is not meant to be removed from the refrigerator. You can control the weight of the drink with a kitchen scale.

How to prepare a cup of Turkish coffee

If you like your coffee sweet, you can also add sugar to the coffee at this stage. After adding the coffee and sugar and mixing it with water, mix them thoroughly so that the coffee does not boil in the coffee. It also helps to create foam on your coffee. Place the brewing coffee on a low flame.

When you put the coffee on the flame, do not shake it or stir it. After a few minutes (3-4 minutes) the coffee starts to rise. When you see the coffee move upwards, let it move up a bit.

Then remove from the heat, you can pour the coffee into a cup and drink.

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