How to prepare a glass of latte ice cream

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How to prepare a glass of latte ice cream

How to prepare a glass of latte ice cream

Do you know how to prepare a glass of latte ice cream? I really like coffee. Like a lot. Therefore, the excuse to try a brand called “the strongest coffee in the world” must be worth it!

Robusta coffee

Robusta beans is manufactured by Black Insomnia Coffee Company Limited. Each 12-ounce (standard size) cup of coffee is certified to contain 1,105 mg of caffeine, which is more than four times that of Starbucks or other typical high-street brands. Tried, not bad! But to be honest, it is smooth, with a hint of smoky and sweet background flavor. I’m not sure if I drink it every day, but if I have “one of them”, it might help me a lot!

Strong coffee

Drinking such a strong coffee, I think it’s best to soften it in ice cream. The rich and complex flavor, wrapped in sweet cream ice cream, perfectly matches with it. If you try the following recipe, please choose the amount of coffee according to your taste.

How to prepare a glass of latte ice cream

Good supplement

The last rotating coffee syrup will be a good supplement. I have used the Sage SmartScoop ice cream machine that I have owned for many years-if you are a fan of ice cream, please save money for it, because it is an excellent machine that makes perfect ice cream effortlessly every time.

 Step 1

Before you start making ice cream, make sure your ice cream maker bowl is completely frozen. Set up an empty container and put the finished ice cream in the refrigerator to cool. Crush the coffee beans to open them. Put the cream, milk and beans in a saucepan and bring to a boil over medium heat. Stir from time to time. Let inject/inject for about 30 minutes; cooling is no longer required.

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Step 2

Strain the mixture back into the measuring cup and add more cream to 1 liter. Before starting to use Crème Anglaise, prepare an ice bath. At the same time, in a medium bowl, whisk the egg yolk and sugar until thick and light. Once the mixture is boiling, slowly pour the hot liquid, stirring constantly, to adjust the temperature of the eggs. Stir until there are no more sugar particles in the bowl.

How to prepare a glass of latte ice cream

Step 3

How to prepare a glass of latte ice cream? Put this mixture back in the saucepan and heat it over medium heat. At this point, maintaining agitation is very important. Don’t let the mixture boil or the eggs will coagulate. Stir constantly and occasionally test the consistency on the back of the wooden spoon. Then quickly filter into a bowl and put it in an ice bath to cool. For food safety considerations, it is very important to lower the temperature as soon as possible. Stir the mixture and cool to at least 4 degrees Celsius or 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

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 Step 4

Once the mixture has cooled, turn on the machine and pour the Anglaise into the frozen ice tray. Let it run for approximately 2025 minutes, depending on the device. You will see that as the air is inhaled, the English wine will thicken. How to prepare a glass of latte ice cream? After it is finished, carefully scoop the ice cubes from the refrigerator into the freezer bowl. Be sure to scrape off the ice with a soft spatula, otherwise the container will be scratched. Cover the ice cream with plastic wrap and lid, then freeze until hard. Pour into a bowl and enjoy.

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