How to prepare Americano?

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How to prepare Americano?

How to prepare Americano?

Coffee consumption is increasing rapidly these days, and in the meantime, Americano has been able to gain some popularity. If you have never been interested in coffee and drinking it, or if you are not familiar with the names and types of coffee-based beverages, we recommend that you join us at the end of this article to introduce you to Americano, one of the most popular beverages.

History of Americano

The first use and production of Americano was in World War II. American soldiers in Italy at the time did not like the way coffee was made and tasted by Italians. For this reason, boiling water was poured into their espresso to change the aroma and color of the Italian-style espresso, and this is why the Italian-made espresso took on the taste of brewed coffee and became known as Americano. And so Americano was added to the list of other coffee-based beverages.

The growth of the coffee drinking culture is very exciting for many coffee lovers. Americano is an espresso-based coffee that has no resemblance to brewed coffees. Surely when you go to a cafe and order an Americano, you will notice that a cup of boiling water is placed next to it. People who do not like the strong aroma of coffee can add boiling water to their espresso and make an American just as easily.

What kind of coffee is better for making Americano?

Buying coffee and choosing the type of coffee to make Americano is very important because the American flavor depends on the coffee beans you use to make espresso. To have a good cup of espresso with a standard flavor, you should use good quality fresh coffee. We recommend using coffee beans that are thoroughly roasted. As a result, they are ground to a suitable and standard level.

There is no limit to the combination of espresso and water. That is, first it is espresso, then boiling water is added, or if it is boiling water first, and espresso is added to it. There will be no difference in taste and aroma. But boiling water is usually poured into a cup and then the espresso is mixed with boiling water.

What is the difference between Americano and Long Black?

In addition to Americano, there is another drink called Long Black on the list of drinks that is very similar to Americano. The compounds used in Long Black can well explain why American water is used and debated. Long Black drink is very popular in New Zealand as well as Australia.

The biggest difference between the two drinks is usually in terms of taste and color, which is much stronger in taste and much more colorful in terms of color than Americano. This feature means less water is needed to mix with espresso. In fact, it can be said that the compounds are the same. But it is the amount of water that distinguishes the two. It should be noted that the flavor of espresso is still preserved in Long Black and only a little water is poured to dilute it. But in Americano, the taste and aroma of espresso change completely.

How is Americano different from brewed coffee?

If we want to compare Americano with brewed coffees at a glance, we see that they are very similar to each other, both of which contain coffee and hot water compounds. Both are classic drinks, but the way they are made is different. Below we will explain in more detail how to make Americano and its characteristics so that you can understand the difference between these two types of coffee.

How to prepare Americano?

Americano Features

Method of preparation: American

Key point: how to prepare and serve it

Time to prepare: 120 seconds

Time to cook coffee: 180 seconds

Calories available: one kcal

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Tools and materials needed to make Americano



Espresso machine


Cup of coffee

15 to 18 grams of coffee beans

How to prepare Americano

The first step is to determine the amount of coffee beans needed through a scale. Which should be 15 to 18 grams. It should be noted that this amount should be determined according to your taste and can be the size of one shot or two shots.

The second step is to grind the coffee beans. Grind coffee beans through a home grinder.

The third step is to use a temper. In this way, you put the powdered coffee in the special compartment of the espresso machine. Squeeze the coffee powder through the temper to create a uniform surface of the coffee and place the coffee with the flow of water. Then insert the container into the device.

Step 4 The espresso is ready and should be poured into the coffee cup.

In the fifth and final step, pour the water that you have already boiled and brought to 90 degrees Celsius into a glass and place it next to the coffee cup, to combine it with the espresso cup when serving.

Important points for preparing Americano

If you do not have an espresso machine, you can also make your own espresso.

If you grind coffee beans before making espresso, your espresso will have better quality and aroma.

If you do not have coffee beans, you can also prepare your Americano with dark roasted beans. But do not expect the real taste of espresso.

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