How to prepare mochaccino

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How to prepare mochaccino

How to prepare mochaccino

How to make mochaccino. If we want to use a combination of Mocha and Cappuccino coffee to prepare Mochaccino, we need to use the following percentages.

  • 1 part espresso
  • 1 part chocolate or hot chocolate sauce
  • 2 parts boiled and frothed milk

Now we try to go step by step with you and explain how to prepare it so that you are fully acquainted with How to prepare mochaccino and you can prepare them at home:

How to prepare mochaccino

1. Brew coffee and prepare milk!

First of all you need to brew coffee to make Mochaccino, fresh and hot, we recommend using espresso, which of course we have a reason for this, in fact, anything other than espresso leads to a very weak coffee As a result, the chocolate and milk in this coffee become too strong and the dominant taste is drawn to these two substances instead of coffee.

As mentioned, you can use other types of coffee, just know that it will have a different flavor, but if you are one of those people who are not very dependent on the taste of coffee, maybe use other models of brewed coffee more Like and love.

If you want to make this drink more than 5 ounces (150 ml), remember to keep this ratio at the same level, so brew your coffee as you like and in any way you like, Espresso is recommended, but if you use something else, no one will judge you.

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Then prepare your milk. Ideally, this milk should be boiled and foamy. To do this, if you do not have an espresso machine, you can easily prepare milk foam in your home with ordinary devices. After preparing, you can milk at this stage. Add yourself to the coffee and pour it into your cup.

How to prepare mochaccino

2. Add chocolate or cocoa!

To prepare Mochaccino, you need to prepare your chocolate sauce or cocoa powder. If you use cocoa powder, you need to first add it to a part of your coffee and then stir it until the coffee becomes thick and a little Harden and then add the remaining coffee and milk and stir thoroughly.

Note that raw cocoa is bitter and if you want to use it you need to add a lot of sugar to your coffee.

Using something like instant cocoa powder will be much easier and faster for you, but it will reduce the taste of your coffee a bit, and if you use regular chocolate sauce, make sure it is not too thick so that the bottom of your cup Do not sit down and make your job difficult.

3. Combine and garnish!

After performing the previous step in preparing the Mochaccino, your cup contains coffee, chocolate or cocoa, boiled milk and foam, which you need to mix a little.

Cocoa powder can be considered the best option to decorate your drink latte art, or if you want to feel beautiful, you can also add a little whipped cream and sprinkle a little chocolate sauce on it, which is a great combination. It brings pleasure to your drink.

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Finally, it can be said that there is no specific definition for Mochaccino, but by following this recipe, you will have a wonderful drink that you can name whatever you want!

Definitely no name, no brand, no drinks and other things cannot make you feel good as long as you do not enjoy them, so prepare coffee in any way you can to enjoy it.

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