How to sip coffee without staining teeth

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How to sip coffee without staining teeth

How to sip coffee without staining teeth

 Add milk to your coffee

The color of your coffee when you really drink it, will affect your teeth deeply. When you add milk to your coffee, it clarifies the color of the drink and, in fact, it provides the protection of teeth for coloring acids in the cafeteria. Milk, if it comes from an animal like a cow, it is high in protein that links polyphenols in the cafe. Instead of joining and shaking the teeth, the polyphenols go to the stomach, where they can be divided quickly.

Animal milk

It is important to keep in mind that only animal milk will prevent you from stain yourself in this way. Soys can flavor even in your coffee, but since it does not contain the same types of proteins, it may not correctly protect the points of coffee on the teeth. Many believe that the greater fat fat content, more effective.

How to sip coffee without staining teeth

 You can change how you drink

How to sip coffee without staining teeth? The coffee you drink cannot stain your teeth if you never touch your teeth. If you are drinking from a cup, it’s likely that coffee is washed on your teeth, especially your teeth in the front of your mouth, before the coffee really swallows you.

Using straw

How to sip coffee without staining teeth? Use straw. When polyphenols don’t even have the opportunity to get closer to teeth, they cannot create those dark and brown yellow points that are so common among those who drink coffee. Drinking hot coffee through a straw may seem strange at the beginning, but if you’re trying to avoid coloring your teeth, it’s definitely one of the best ways.

Drink a coffee with less caffeine

Caffeine could be the entirety that coffee is part of your morning routine, but ultimately, the amount of caffeine in your coffee that determines the amount of coloring that affects the coffee drinking on the teeth.

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Why does it work? 

Because the caffeine level is directly related to the level of polyphenols in the cafe. Less caffeine, less polyphenols, and therefore, less coloring. There are also several ways you can prepare your coffee to get less likely to spot your teeth. Developed a coffee in a percolate, for example, is less inclined to stain coffee teeth made in a French press. What preparation method is the minimum probable to stain your teeth?  Cold brewing.

How to sip coffee without staining teeth

More likely

How to sip coffee without staining teeth? A Turkish coffee. Cold beer can take a lot, much longer than almost all other types of beer, but if you are looking for ways to avoid coffee stains on teeth, changing this type of beer could do makeup.

Use a better toothbrush and a brush after drinking coffee

One of the best ways to avoid coffee points on teeth is to eliminate all remaining coffee residues from teeth before having the opportunity to permanently stain teeth. You can do it to wash your teeth after drinking coffee, even if you’re at work.

If you don’t

If you don’t have the opportunity to do it, you can, instead, at least, your mouth with a little water or smooth milk. This can help eliminate any residue that could be locked on your teeth if you don’t have time to brush.  If you’re going to brush, give you at least an hour after drinking, and then wear a brush with rigid bristles to get rid of everything that is on your teeth.

Make your teeth bleach professionally

Professional whitening will increasingly more effective than Athome whitening kits or teeth paste whitening. Even if your teeth are not particularly dyed, regular whitening treatments, performed by an orthodontist dentist who trusts, can help keep your brilliant white smile.


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