How to Steam Milk for your coffee

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How to Steam Milk for your coffee

How to Steam Milk for your coffee

Step 1: before steaming

How to Steam Milk for your coffee? Your milk must be cold because you will then have more time for steam and make foam more easily believe that milk creates a silky foam in less than 37 ° C. After 37 ° C, the foam will have some bubbles that will be small really difficult to get rid of the steaming. Steamed milk will again have the same effect of milk cannot handle the 2nd steam and the foam will lose its structure.

Steam wand

How to Steam Milk for your coffee? Another thing to check before transforming the steam rod to the position of its pitcher and steam wand. Make sure the tip of the wand is in the center of the jar vertically and, on the side of the jar horizontally (it does not matter, left or right). This will make your milk create a vortex and everything you need to do during steam is moving the jar up and down.

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 Step 2: create foam

How to Steam Milk for your coffee?  While the tip of the steam rod approaches the surface of the milk, it will begin to foam milk. So, it is simply the fact that, how long will it remain on the surface, longer will be closer to the surface of the milk, plus foam will create?  To create milk-style milk with milk, you will need to be on the surface, only a second or two, but create cappuccino-style milk that requires 25 seconds.

How to Steam Milk for your coffee

 Step 3: Create Whirlpool

How to Steam Milk for your coffee? Once a foam is created enough, you want to go back under the milk surface and simply heat the milk for the rest of the process. At this stage of the process, you want to create a hydromassage to the jar that will make the milk smooth and silky, since the large bubbles are absorbed in the hot tub. Check step 1 How to create the hot tub in the jar.

 Step 4: The correct temperature

The correct temperature for steam milk would be 5565 ° C. Pay attention to temperature, since it is the first and most important that customers will be responsible. Everyone hates very cold or hot steam milk. For me, 5565 degrees is so hot that the launcher “burns” (does not burn in reality, but I don’t want to touch the pitcher longer than it is necessary) in my way when Amsa sobe turned off the steam rod after the launcher Start burning your hand.

How to Steam Milk for your coffee

 Why 55 ° C? 

Under 55 degrees, milk is quite warm, especially the customer doesn’t drink it immediately. After 65 degrees, the milk proteins will begin to denaturalize what the milk has an effect on the structure of milk and milk starts to try a little “burned”.

 Step 5: Mix the milk

Once the steam rod is deactivated, it must act quickly. If it’s too slow before starting the pouring, foam and milk separate and will only have foam at the top. We want to hold milk together and foam to get better results.  If you need to wait a few seconds before you start pouring, keep your milk moving by turning the launcher, this will help you avoid separation.


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