Recipe of authentic Italian Affogato espresso

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Recipe of authentic Italian Affogato espresso

Recipe of authentic Italian Affogato espresso

Affogato espresso or Affogato is a very attractive drink or dessert that has become very popular in the world due to the combination of the sweet taste of ice cream with the bitterness of an espresso by creating a special and special taste. The name of this drink is derived from its state, “drowned”, which almost indicates the state of our ice cream in espresso, which is drowned. In this article we are going to provide Recipe of authentic Italian Affogato espresso.

Remember that in preparing this drink, only use a hot espresso in it and avoid using instant coffees in it, we are looking to prepare a real Affogato espresso, the same dessert that is very popular in Italy.

How to serve and eat this fascinating dessert, Italian Affogato espresso!

This drink or dessert is a great combination to serve after a heavy meal and can bring you a pleasant afternoon.

When serving this dessert, it is necessary to observe a few points, the first is that your espresso should be completely hot, unlike your ice cream, which needs to be completely frozen, these two contradictions prevent their premature mixing and mixing.

Recipe of authentic Italian Affogato espresso

If you are preparing this dessert in large numbers for your parties, it is preferable to try to prepare your espresso and ice cream separately to serve the guests and let them combine themselves to prevent the ice cream from melting.

To eat and serve it, follow the Italian style and start your work with a spoon and start eating ice cream and then go to drink your ice cream and espresso mixture.

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If we want to go to a short history of this drink, we have to go to the mother country of delicious food, Italy.

Among English speakers, this delicious meal is known as the Black Forest Affogato, and was made in the UK by one of Jimmy Oliver, a famous English chef who was unpopular with organic English and Italian cuisine.

His television show, “30-Minute Meals,” introduced Britain as a country full of delicious food, and enabled many chefs and home-cooked restaurants to prepare their own recipes.

However, Affogato did not enter the American cooking scene until 1992! But the country also quickly added the dessert to its list of dishes from the 90’s, which has since become strangely popular in the Los Angeles Times and even appeared on the 2016 Starbucks season menu!

Recipe of authentic Italian Affogato espresso

Take a look at the recipe of authentic Italian Affogato espresso

How to make Affogato espresso?

There are various ways to prepare this dessert and various additives such as strawberries, coconut, biscuits and… are used in its preparation, but we try to introduce the main method of preparing this dessert to you here.

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Ingredients you need to prepare this drink, 1 shot of espresso and 1 cup of ice cream, preferably vanilla or hazelnut, with additives such as nuts, waffles, chocolate and cocoa powder!

At the beginning of your work, it is better to put the ice cream in the freezer, and after the temperature drops completely, put a scoop of your ice cream in a glass, then add your hot espresso to it, and at the end of the work, put your additives on Decorate it as you like and enjoy drinking this delicious dessert.



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