The most popular coffee makers: their timeline and origin

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The most popular coffee makers: their timeline and origin

The most popular coffee makers: their timeline and origin

Are you familiar with the most popular coffee makers? What do you know about the origin of the famous coffee makers? In this article, you will get familiar with the origin of the famous coffee makers.

We have known about coffee for a long time. Over time, coffee makers have improved and have led to better coffee experiences. Now, let’s take a look at the origin of the famous coffee makers.

1. The Ibrik

We start our discussion about the origin of the famous coffee makers with the Ibrik. It is considered one of the most popular coffee makers. It is said, the Ibrik has been found for the first time in Turkey in around 1400 or 1500. This is the reason why Turkish coffee is one of the best types of coffee in the world. Today, The Ibrik is considered a Turkish coffee pot worldwide. It is called a cezve, or Turkish coffee pot in the turkey.

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The Ibrik includes a long-handled metal pot that is made with copper or brass. They mix coffee grounds with spices, sugar, and water before brewing. The mixture will be heated until it is nearly boiled. Then the mixture will be cooled and reheated again. Turkish coffee grinder was popular in the 1600s.

The most popular coffee makers: their timeline and origin

2. Mr. Biggin coffee pots

One of the most popular coffee makers is Mr. Biggin coffee pot which is the first commercial coffee maker and was created in 1780. This pot was a solution for poor drainage. You can have 3 or 4 cups of coffee at a time with Mr. Biggin coffee pots.

In Mr. Biggin coffee pots, there is a filter or cloth bag under the lid. Although these pots are being used today, they have improved a lot over time.

3. Siphon pots

Siphon pots are also known as vacuum brewers. They were created in the 1830s. By 1910, they managed to make it to America. These pots have the shape of hourglasses. The coffee grounds will be mixed with the pressure and forced water through a siphon. In artisan coffee shops, they still use siphon pots.

Later, siphon pots became an inspiration for the creation of the Italian Moka pot.

4. Espresso

The espresso machine was invented in 1884. Until today, it has been considered one of the most popular methods for brewing coffee. The patent for this machine was received by Angelo Moriondo in Italy. The coffee will get ready quickly with water and pressurized steam by the espresso machine. The result is coffee in bulk, instead of 1 shot at a time.

The most popular coffee makers: their timeline and origin

5. French press

French Press is considered one of the world’s most popular methods of brewing coffee. Although it is out of favor in-home use in modern times, it is becoming popular again among coffee connoisseurs. They are always available at shops. The reason behind this popularity is that until today, the French press has been the most effective way to brew a perfect cup of coffee.

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The French had owned the credit, but around the same time, a similar invention was created by both the French and Italians. The French one was patented in 1852, while the Italian one was patented in 1928. The one we use today was created in 1958. It is called the Chambord. Bondanini, an Italian Swiss man, manufactured it in France.

6. Instant gratification

Instant gratification was created in Britain. The coffee which is made by instant gratification does not need to be brewed. During the Civil War in the 1850s, it became famous in America. Despite the easy method, it could not gain popularity outside of wartime, because compared to traditionally brewed coffee, it had an unappealing taste.



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