What are the top 10 mistakes home baristas can make?             

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What are the top 10 mistakes home baristas can make?


What are the top 10 mistakes home baristas can make?


We recommend learning the basic concepts of one place with a combined curriculum before venturing. The basis of the administration, distribution, arbitration and brewery index focuses on the teaching of household varistors instead of experts and obtains from the source. Our showroom in Portland teaches hundreds of people every year in our house varistor class.

Not using fresh coffee

What are the top 10 mistakes home baristas can make? Not using fresh coffee is one of them. We do not understand how much money a new varistor passes with new equipment and then using 3060 days of beans. And if you have a roasted date to the bag, it is much more than that.  It’s like buying a new Ferrari and using approximately 81 octanes of fuel found in the ancient garage.  “Fresh beans”, ideally safe out of operation outside 414 days.

What are the top 10 mistakes home baristas can make?

Not using a scale

96% of the problem that the new varistor of the home comes from taking advantage of its dose and departure. When you are learning first, you need accurate feedback from the scale to make sure you make the right problem. If you are creating 30 grams of espresso with 20 grams of coffee, you are 2 grams and it is 10%.  In Clive, all employees use AKAIA scale every day. We do this forever, and some of us were a professional wand. We still do that. It takes a few seconds, but it brings a better coffee and reduces waste.

Inconsistent tamping

What are the top 10 mistakes home baristas can make? Inconsistent tamping is sure one of them. All new varistors have become a victim. Strip a shot. That’s a little faster, so you’ll be more difficult. It is not a sin, but it is not correct. It is the only way to make a large espresso that was adjusted to a consistent and completely fully at one time. If the beans are slightly aged and the shot goes out quickly, please make a slight grinding.

Using hard or untreated water

98% of Espresso is water. Another 2% is a compound made dissolved in water. Make the fun of espresso to run and run a nice and excluded palette. Once we open the Espresso machine and find thousands of ants. It will be rotten and will be put in rancid. When it is, it is not only known, but it can be harmful to your health. You will not pick up half of the rotten banana, and say “it is easier to eat it”.

What are the top 10 mistakes home baristas can make?

Being neglected in cleaning machine

Yes, it’s easy not to clean your machine.  However, coffee is better, the team will last a lot and our technology thank you if you do it correctly.

Low fat milk

Especially with all Clive employees, we are no longer 20. It is difficult to text correctly by something more than the cappuccinos. As we write in our milk items, you need fat and proteins to produce soft silky milk.  It is required. Certainly, his local barista of Cafe Killer can nail it.

Check out the Latest coffee tips on the coffeemag.ca : Using leftover coffee grounds as a cleaning scrub

Understand incomplete Brew ratio

Brew The proportion is its recipe. You will never bake bread without one, and you can not pull the espresso shot without one. “What is the double?” The abbreviation of everything confuses everything. Then, remember Rule number 1 and read it.

 Not purging water

What are the top 10 mistakes home baristas can make? The temperature is very important for consistent extraction. You can make a slight difference to avoid your express and lead to suffering. As such, before pulling the shot, always rinse the water through the Grefudes. It guarantees that all the parts of the machine are at the appropriate temperature.  And although we are in it, provide your machine time thoroughly to heat your machine time and use preheated cups and mugs.

It should be to explore

Try a new coffee and explore new things!

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