What is Commercial Coffee (Blend) and what are its features?

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What is Commercial Coffee (Blend) and what are its features?

What is Commercial Coffee (Blend) and what are its features?

Commercial coffee, also known as commercial and blend coffee, is definitely the most widely used coffee in the world, so it is necessary to consider this coffee, which is actually a kind of counterpoint to specialty coffee. Know the future completely and by doing so we can choose the best option for ourselves.

In this article, we try to answer the question at the beginning: What is Commercial Coffee (Blend) and what are its features?

What is Commercial Coffee?

In fact, the best definition that can be given to introduce Commercial coffee, which is also known as commercial coffee, is:

Any coffee that is not special can be introduced as commercial coffee, now you may ask the question, what is the problem, what is special coffee?

The American Coffee Association (SCA) has set a standard by which the quality of different coffees can be measured by scoring, among different types of coffee, those that score more than 80 out of a possible 100 points in It is called a specialty or specialty. ”

What is Commercial Coffee (Blend) and what are its features?

We have thoroughly reviewed specialty coffee in previous articles, and we know that almost all specialty coffees are made from Arabica beans only, but in the case of commercial coffee this is different and almost all of these coffees are a combination of beans. Of Arabica and Robusta, the name Boland is derived from the same subject.

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Is Blend coffee low quality?

Unfortunately, the topic that is often talked about is the problem of the quality of commercial coffee, but are all commercial coffees really poor, and is any coffee that combines two models considered poor coffee?

The answer to this question is definitely no, and the reason for this is obvious, you will definitely have good and quality samples in every product, just as there are poor and low quality samples.

It is true that the Arabica beans used in Special Coffee can bring a great taste to your coffee, but does the use of Robusta beans really reduce this quality? We have to say that there are people who prefer the taste of Robusta coffee to Arabica.

Of course, there are various commercial coffees that have a very poor quality and taste, of course, these commercial coffees have a much lower price.

So do not forget that depending on the type and quality of original coffees used in your Blend coffee, the quality of your commercial coffee will be determined and you will never conclude without researching them.

What is Commercial Coffee (Blend) and what are its features?

Specifications of Commercial Coffee

We want to talk about the general specifications of commercial coffee and emphasize that these are general specifications and you may find coffees that do not comply with these specifications, but if you are looking for a standard that can identify this type of coffee This specification is very convenient.

Most of the coffee in the world is commercial and commercial, to the extent that even the coffee that is bought under the name of Special is of this type.

Roasting of commercial coffee is mainly done in bulk, and this may cause the quality of coffee to decrease slightly.

Commercial coffee includes both Robusta coffee and a combination of Robusta and Arabica (Blend), but in many cases commercial and tall coffee are considered equivalent.

In general, this coffee has a lower price than specialty coffee, but this rule is not permanent, and there are brands that can offer Blend coffee with very high quality, which also have a high price.

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Lack of separation of low quality beans occurs in this type of coffee a lot, which is one of the reasons that sometimes makes the quality of these coffees low.

The popularity of this type of coffee is increasing day by day, perhaps the reason for this can be the increase in its quality, which has made it a good option due to its lower price.

This type of coffee has flavors that may not be available at all in specialty coffee, flavors such as blood oranges, chocolate and even honey.

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