What is Mochaccino?

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What is Mochaccino

What is Mochaccino?

Mochaccino is one of the most mysterious and confusing options available among the available coffees, which for many coffee lovers and even those who work professionally in this field, such as how to prepare and recognize this coffee with difficulty and The question has been with them.

So in this article, we tried to explore some of these issues and ambiguities with you and check together what this Mochaccino coffee is actually and how it is prepared. Let’s answer this question: What is Mochaccino?

What is Mochaccino?

Cappuccino and mocha

As we said, this drink always comes with different interpretations and opinions, and each person may have a different opinion about this coffee, but most people agree that mochaccino is actually a traditional mocha drink, or at least it contains Some chocolate or cocoa powder.

But that’s not the whole story, and if you want to judge the drink by its name, you will certainly guess that Mochaccino should not seem to be unrelated to Cappuccino, but with that said, still no No one has introduced a clear recipe for this drink to date!

What is Mochaccino

This is also the case with Frappe coffee, and there are different recipes for it, but in the case of Mochaccino it is much more intense and more controversial.

Some claim that Mochaccino is a small latte to which chocolate sauce has been added, but others claim that it is a milk drink with cocoa powder that is more suitable for children than adults, others It is also said that Mochaccino is just a mocha coffee that has been given a fancy name.

Mochaccino seems to be a common personal perception of mocha coffee, a bit like how Starbucks patented a frappuccino that is neither a cappuccino nor a frappe nor a milkshake!

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Finally, if we want to give a general conclusion about its definition, we can say that Mochaccino is a hot drink that is a combination of coffee and chocolate and is very suitable for those who do not like the bitterness of coffee.

How to prepare Mochaccino

Well, the conclusion to be drawn from the above discussion is that if someone does not know a specific recipe for it, then there is no one to tell you that you made your coffee wrong, which means that you can almost invent your own Mochaccino.

What we are going to do here is to review the recipe that is used a lot when preparing this drink, which is the combination between mocha and cappuccino, the percentages of which we will tell you.

Percentage required to prepare a regular mocha

1 part espresso

1 part chocolate or hot chocolate sauce

1 part milk foam

What is Mochaccino

Percentage required to prepare a cappuccino

1 part espresso

4 parts boiled and frothed milk

Now, if we want to apply these two percentages and the combination together, the percentages that are obtained are as follows!

1 part espresso

1 part chocolate or hot chocolate sauce

2 parts boiled and frothed milk

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Needless to say, you can add any kind of decoration and condiment you like to it, depending on the way people usually decorate their mocha, you can use chocolate ingredients such as cocoa powder, cinnamon, sprinkling chocolate on Use your drink.

It should also be noted that in terms of volume, this drink should be about 5 ounces or the same 150 ml.

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