What is TDS(Total Dissolved Solids) in Coffee?

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What is TDS(Total Dissolved Solids) in Coffee?

What is TDS(Total Dissolved Solids) in Coffee?

TDS in coffee is Total Dissolved Solids in beverages. This is an important factor in evaluating the quality of coffee. In this article, we will talk about TDS and the factors that affect its determination in coffee brewing.

What is TDS in coffee and how do we measure coffee concentration?

TDS is actually a measure of the concentration or strength of coffee. We all agree that espresso has a stronger flavor than brewed / filtered coffee. This is one of the reasons why espresso is more concentrated than brewed coffee.

Let’s take a deeper look at Total Dissolved Solids in coffee.

How is coffee concentration measured?

Coffee concentrations are usually expressed as a percentage (٪). When we measure TDS, we are evaluating the concentration of the solution and this means how much of the coffee extract is concentrated in the cup. In simpler language, we want to know how thick (strong) or how thin (mild) coffee is.

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We need a refractometer to measure TDS. This device measures the angle of refraction of light into a liquid and can detect the degree of concentration or dilution of the liquid. Software is also designed for use with refractometers that analyze all data.

What is TDS(Total Dissolved Solids) in Coffee?

To measure the TDS of coffee with a refractometer, you must follow the following method:

Set the refractometer to zero with distilled water.

Stir the coffee very well.

Use a dropper to remove some coffee.

Apply a few drops of coffee on the refractometer lens.

Wait ten to twenty seconds.

Close the refractometer lid and press the “Go” button.

Clean the glass with a towel.

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This method of measurement is related to brewed coffees, and to measure the concentration of espresso, you must filter the coffee sample with special filters before measuring the concentration.

What is TDS(Total Dissolved Solids) in Coffee?

What is the optimal amount of TDS for coffee?

We wrote at the beginning of this note that espresso coffee is more concentrated than brewed coffee. Let’s see what this concentration is for each of these coffees.

According to the standard coffee brewing table, the Coffee TDS content of brewed coffee is usually between 1/15% and 1/35%. This concentration in espresso coffee reaches 8% to 12%.

When we measure the TD of coffee with the help of a refractor, we can also measure the percentage of coffee extract.

In the espresso family, you must have heard of Longo and Ristro. Longo is actually an espresso with a concentration of less than 8% and Ristretto is an espresso with a concentration of more than 12%.

On the other hand, in brewed coffees, concentrations less than 1/1% are considered as thin coffees and more than 35.1% are considered as concentrated coffees.

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