What is the difference between Cappuccino and Latte?

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What is the difference between Cappuccino and Latte?

What is the difference between Cappuccino and Latte?

If you are a coffee lover, one of the things you may be looking for is what are the differences between models and types of coffee drinks? What is the difference between Cappuccino and Latte? the difference between Cappuccino and Latte, both of which are popular drinks, can be something to be aware of.

In this article, we will first try to take a brief look at the specific features of Cappuccino and Latte, and at the end, we will examine and compare the difference between Cappuccino and Latte.

What is Cappuccino?


Perhaps if we want to introduce the most famous espresso drink, the first option that comes to mind is cappuccino and the only drink that may be able to compete with it in this regard is latte.

Cappuccino is a traditional coffee beverage made from one layer of espresso with two layers of milk, although this lineage may vary from coffee shop to shop.

A coffee shop may use a layer of espresso with a layer of boiled milk and a layer of milk foam to make a cappuccino, or it may use a portion of espresso with 4 parts of milk plus a portion of milk foam. The taste of the barista and you depends on what you like.

But the most common method of making cappuccino was the last one, which we mentioned, which is basically poured into a 150 ml cup, which, just like latte, uses the art of latte art to decorate the surface of the drink.

What is the difference between Cappuccino and Latte?

What is latte or latte? “Latte”


Latte is a drink that many people call the great cappuccino. Of course, if we want to look at the reality, these people are not very wrong, of course, I emphasize that it is not very wrong !!

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Perhaps if we say that the first and most important difference between cappuccino and latte in the type of milk foam used, at first it is not very clear to you why this issue should be so important?

In general, as we said inside the cappuccino, we use boiled milk and milk foam, while this is different in the case of latte, and the microfoam replaces the foam.

The difference here is that microfoam is a delicate and dense version of the milk foam. The milk is very well aerated and the air bubbles are very small, making it a kind of creamy liquid that is placed on top of the boiled milk.

It also makes espresso karma better combined with milk and the resulting latte art much better and more accurate.

The difference between cappuccino and latte is not the only issue, the usual ratio of espresso to milk for latte is 1 to 7, resulting in one shot of espresso and the other half the ratio of boiled milk and half of it is microfoam.

We present to you the original and professional version that is common in the world, but different baristas may change this according to their taste.

What is the difference between Cappuccino and Latte?

the difference between Cappuccino and Latte

Enjoy the taste of milk and creamy state

If milk and creamy flavor is more to your liking, latte is definitely your favorite choice and is what you should be looking for.

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In fact, between cappuccino and latte, when you choose the second option, you are more looking for relaxation and enjoyment, but if you are looking for something like staying awake, you should not go for latte drinking.

Of course, you can always add more espresso to your latte, but that changes the right proportion of this drink a lot and is not something we are looking for here.

This is because lattes contain microfoam, which makes them more creamy and definitely more enjoyable than your coffee.

And for this, your second option should definitely be cappuccino, although it does not have much creamy taste, your last option is mocha coffee, which contains only 30% of the drink with milk.

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