What is the reason of bitterness in coffee?

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 What is the reason of bitterness in coffee?

What is the reason of bitterness in coffee?

The bitterness of coffee Have you ever wondered why hearing the name of coffee reminds you of a bitter taste? In this post, we do not have anything to do with the unpleasant bitter taste and other flavors of coffee

In this article, we want to talk only about the bitterness of coffee. Of course, some seeds, such as Robusta, are more bitter, but why? Yes, caffeine is a cause of bitter taste in coffee, but it plays a very small role in this. The issue is, so what is the main factor? What is the reason of bitterness in coffee? In this article we are going to talk about the reason of bitterness in coffee. be with us

What is the bitterness of coffee?

Everyone can remember the bitter taste, however, in many cases the “bitter” food or drink may not taste bitter to others. This feature is perceived as a taste, meaning that it varies from person to person. So from the very beginning we realize that the bitterness of coffee is neither good nor bad! And depending on the taste of each person can be good or bad.

At first, people thought that the tongue was divided into a kind of “taste map” and that different areas of the tongue were able to distinguish between sweet, salty, sour and bitter. But now, we know that taste can be tasted in all parts of the tongue because of the sensory cells that contain protein in the tongue; But in some parts of the tongue it tastes better.

 What is the reason of bitterness in coffee?

the reason of bitterness in coffee

Why is coffee bitter?

Yes, the growing conditions of coffee and the beans themselves are also effective in this regard, but

Again, this is not the root cause of bitterness

We have cells all over our tongue to detect bitter taste

When we consume coffee and it reaches the level of our tongue, compounds of coffee

It is secreted on the tongue, which is one of the main compounds of chlorogenic acid

The chemistry of coffee and the bitter taste of coffee

Note that it is not the chlorogenic acid itself that causes the bitter taste

But when the coffee is roasted (green roasted) chlorogenic acid of green beans

Decreases and during a chemical reaction,

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Coffee Ingredients

Three main and effective ingredients in the bitterness of coffee

That is, melanoidins, lactones, phenyl lindane are released, which are the main factors

They are in the bitterness of coffee. Among them, phenyl lindane has the greatest effect on the bitterness of coffee.

 What is the reason of bitterness in coffee?

The bitterness of dark coffee

And that is why the longer the coffee is roasted, the more bitter the taste of the coffee beans becomes.

Dark roast coffee contains large amounts of lindane phenyl

Now you know scientifically why coffee has a bitter taste and why some beans

They have more bitterness.

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Does roasting coffee increase bitterness?

During the roasting of coffee, chlorogenic acids begin to be lost. Although chlorogenic acids are one of the causes of coffee bitterness, they are not naturally bitter, and when the brewing process breaks them down into chlorogenic acid lactones and phenylindanes, they become bitter and cause the coffee to become bitter.

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