Which cappuccino and macchiato should we choose? (4 main differences)

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Which cappuccino and macchiato should we choose? (4 main differences)

Which cappuccino and macchiato should we choose? (4 main differences)

Cappuccino and macchiato are some of the names that you will find in the menu of all coffee shops, because these two drinks are among the main items and topics that professional baristas pay close attention to.

There is a lot of difference between cappuccino and macchiato, but many of their names can not be understood in this regard, so join us to discuss this issue professionally as always, and to get acquainted with these two popular drinks with a basic acquaintance. Let’s talk about the differences in them.

A brief description of cappuccino


Cappuccino is an espresso-based beverage made from boiled milk and foam, which has a coffee-to-milk ratio of 1 to 3, which in some coffee shops is 1 to 1. 5 is also.

The presence of milk foam in cappuccino makes latte art, or the same decorative art used for coffee surfaces, to be used for this drink as well.

The important thing about the taste of cappuccino is that the taste of espresso in this drink is reduced and it has a muted taste, but often many additional flavors and sweeteners are not added to it, and it is one of the most attractive drinks for coffee lovers.

Cappuccino is essentially a morning drink that can do the job of waking you up well without having to shock or excite you like espresso.

Introducing Macchiato coffee drink


What is the difference between cappuccino and macchiato in terms of preparation? In fact, macchiato, like cappuccino, is an espresso-based beverage with the difference that it is no longer used in the preparation of boiled milk and is just a thin layer of milk foam that is added to espresso to drink.

Which cappuccino and macchiato should we choose? (4 main differences)

Macchiato is a very small cup of coffee with a shot of espresso and a layer of milk foam on it.

Let’s take a brief look at the name “macchiato”, in Italy the word means spotted and spotted, the word is derived from the form of this drink, which is actually espresso that is marked or stained with a layer of foam Is.

The size of this drink is about 33 ml, which is very small, you will get a very clear taste of espresso, which has become lighter and softer with a little milk foam.

The main differences between cappuccino and macchiato

So far we have talked about the whole cappuccino and macchiato coffee and I mentioned that we have two drinks that are based on both espresso, which have different preparation methods and ingredients.

But in the following, we will try to pay attention to small and precise points that if you are a coffee lover or you want to become a professional barista, it is very important to pay attention to them:

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1. Cappuccino is sweeter than macchiato

If you are looking for a more creamy and milky coffee drink, you should definitely look for cappuccino.

A 5-inch or 150 ml drink, which of course weighs less due to the presence of foam, and most of it consists of milk and milk foam, which when combined with espresso, gives your drink a creamy state.

Although in a coffee drink we have to look for coffee and its effect on the drink, we have to admit that many coffee lovers enjoy the composition of this drink and are not very interested in the original taste of coffee, which is more evident in Macchiato. Is up to cappuccino!

Which cappuccino and macchiato should we choose? (4 main differences)

2. Macchiato gives you a stronger taste than coffee

As we said above, if you want to escape the bitter and strong taste of coffee, you should go for cappuccino, it may even go a little further, and in cappuccino you can add flavors like vanilla or caramel.

But macchiato is a strong and strong espresso drink that has been softened very little with a very thin back layer of milk foam.

Most people drink macchiato in a quick sip, and in fact, if you are looking for real coffee flavor notes, macchiato is a very ideal option for this, which makes a thin layer of foam doubly enjoyable.

3. Which one is more affordable between Cappuccino and Macchiato?

If you are one of those people who are looking to drink an economical coffee, we must say that you should choose cappuccino, which is almost 5 times more than macchiato coffee.

Ordinary espresso with macchiato and cana espresso are the smallest coffee drinks available.

But cappuccino is basically in the standard size of 150 ml, which is sometimes observed that some famous brands such as Starbucks produce certain cappuccinos even up to 470 ml.

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4. The right time for these two drinks

As mentioned in the previous sections, cappuccino is a great option for the morning because of the milk in it, and the reason for this is that the milk and sometimes the sugar in cappuccino cause the caffeine in your espresso to build over time. And it is absorbed more slowly in your body and does not create a momentary emotional state for you after sleep.

But just as we recommend drinking cappuccino and latte in the morning, we do not recommend it at all for lunch or after a meal, because your digestion is heavy on its own, adding milk makes it heavier.

After eating a little, a person feels tired and sleepy. Again, using a combination of milk and coffee is a better option than pure coffee, but it is necessary that the milk used is very low. That’s why drinking macchiato is a great option for lunch.

And in the end, in the evening and in the afternoon, drinking regular espresso is the best option for you, which will help you to create a double energy to continue the day.

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