Who invented MOA coffee?

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Who invented MOA coffee?

Who invented MOA coffee?

Coffee, coffee, good cup of coffee! A coffee tablet machine takes care of that. You put one of the coffee cups in the coffee cup machine and with the push of a button the magic begins! Depending on the coffee you prefer to drink, there are different pad coffee machines and fully automatic coffee machines in different flavors. Who invented MOA coffee? Here is everything you need to know about MOA coffee.

Coffee capsule machine

How to make the perfect cup of coffee! In this blog we would like to explain to you what a coffee capsule machine is and what our coffee capsule machines have to offer you. Hopefully, you will find the answer to the question of whether the device is an asset for your kitchen supply or not.

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 What is MOA in coffee?

The name says it all, a coffee capsule machine is a coffee machine that works with cups and prepares delicious espresso. Place the capsule in the coffee capsule machine and press the button to start brewing. One thing you need to know about MOA coffee is that the advantages of a coffee capsule machine are quick preparation, hardly any maintenance and cleaning work, and tasty coffee. One downside may be that empty capsules leave you with a lot of waste.

Who invented MOA coffee?

Easy to operate

As I said, a coffee capsule machine is easy to operate, so it takes little time to prepare, maintain and clean. Ideal if you don’t have much time in the morning. A coffee pod machine is less suitable if you make a lot of coffee in a day. Machines are not made for this and capsules are often too expensive for that.

Different from other machines

MOA coffee capsule machines differ from other coffee capsule machines in that the MOA machine fits several cups from different supermarkets (Perla, Gwoon, Lidl, etc.), that is, not just one type. In addition, these cups are usually cheaper than, for example, Nespresso or Dolce Gusto cups. One thing you need to know about MOA coffee is that after all, MOA coffee capsule machines have a beautiful design that goes well with the interior and the kitchen.

 The most important features of the MOA

Coffee capsule machines well, let’s list the most important features of our coffee capsule machines. See the list here: The removable water tank has a capacity of 800 ml and is dishwasher safe. The coffee cup holder has space for 11 cups.

Who invented MOA coffee?

Small size

Small compact size, ready to use quickly. You can safely leave this compact coffee maker for cups in your kitchen, because with a size of 30 cm deep, 12 cm wide and 23 cm high and a cable length of 110 cm, you can put it anywhere to quickly take the best coffee.

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Two different functions

19 bar high pressure pump from Italy. When you think of espresso, you think of Italy. And this is exactly where this high pressure pump is made. Two different functions. One thing you need to know about MOA coffee is that this coffee pod machine is for espresso and lungo lovers.


The amount of water for the espresso and lungo settings is set by default, but you can adjust it to the right amount for you if necessary. Automatic shutdown. The device has an on / off switch on the side and automatically shuts off if you haven’t used it for more than 9 minutes. We hope we have been helpful enough to find all the information about the capsule coffee machine. All in all, it is a very easy way to make coffee. Delicious!


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