Why are some coffee sweeter than others?

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Why are some coffee sweeter than others?

Why are some coffee sweeter than others?

Why are some coffee sweeter than others? There is nothing worse than thinking that you bought the best coffee to go home, poured yourself a large cup, put it in your mouth, drank the first sweet drink and realized that it was bitter. A cup of coffee should have a taste, not overwhelmed by bitterness. But why are some coffee sweeter than others?

 Is Coffee Really Bitter?

Why are some coffee sweeter than others? Interestingly, coffee is often considered bitter. The coffee should not taste bitter. Rather, the coffee should have a variety of flavors, from spicy to floral to even chocolate. In fact, there is an entire flavor wheel dedicated to describing the high-quality coffee journey. Let’s look at some of the causes of bitter coffee and how to avoid them.

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Let’s take a look at the technical reasons: is there any difference in brewing methods?

Coffee making is actually a science. One of the main reasons coffee looks bitter is excessive extraction. The extraction process is to extract the taste of coffee, turning clear water into a delicious dark beverage. When water is mixed with coffee grounds, a chemical reaction occurs in which the flavor compounds dissolve. The trick is to extract delicious flavor compounds, not overly acidic compounds, which tend to overwhelm and produce a bitter taste over time.

Why are some coffee sweeter than others?

Steeping for too long

This is especially common when using a French filter press to brew coffee, because many people will leave the coffee in the filter press once the plunger is pushed down. If the coffee powder is left too long, the coffee will continue to be extracted after the delicious flavor is extracted. This is easy to fix. If you really prefer to drink coffee leisurely, please do not leave it in the French press or coffee machine after brewing. Immediately transfer it to a thermos to keep it warm.

 You did not use the correct grinding size.

Grinding coffee beans can change the way the compound is dissolved. This means that if the coffee beans are ground too coarsely, there is a risk of insufficient extraction, resulting in a flat coffee flavor.

Different brewing methods, different sizes

However, if the coffee beans are ground too finely, they will be over-extracted, leaving a bitter coffee. Different brewing methods often require different sizes of grinding, so sometimes some experimentation is needed to find the perfect point. However, if you drink a bitter cup, your beans may be ground too fine.

The water is boiled too much

The temperature of the water actually plays an important role in making coffee. Cook it too hot and it will start to extract bitter compounds. Simply put, don’t let the water boil too much, remember to let it sit for a minute, and then pour it on the coffee grounds.

Why are some coffee sweeter than others?

The equipment is dirty.

The bitterness does not just come from over-extraction. The coffee left over from the last brewing will definitely affect the taste of your cups in the future. Therefore, please be sure to keep your brewing equipment completely clean.

Eliminate bitter coffee

What is the best way to eliminate bitter coffee? Don’t settle for poor quality coffee. Our coffee is grown in a fresh shade, which means its acidity is naturally lower, which means a milder and more bitter cup of Joe coffee. Focusing on brewing methods can help, too. Check out our brew guide to learn how to make better coffee with the coffee machine of your choice. We recommend that you try a Chemex beer machine for best results.





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