Why Robusta coffee is cheaper than Arabica?

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Why Robusta coffee is cheaper than Arabica?

Why Robusta coffee is cheaper than Arabica?

Robusta coffee beans

Robusta coffee beans are the second most popular type of coffee beans. Robusta beans are mainly grown in Africa and Indonesia. This type of coffee beans is one of the most cost-effective varieties, because compared to other coffee tree species, these coffee trees have stronger elasticity and disease resistance, and can grow at a lower height. These trees grow to be 15 to 20 feet tall.


Actual coffee beans are larger and rounder in shape than other types of coffee beans. Robusta coffee beans are sometimes criticized for lack of flavor. It is said that coffee made from these beans is more bitter, more charred, and more acidic than other types of coffee.

Why Robusta coffee is cheaper than Arabica?

More caffeine

However, they have a very strong aroma and more caffeine than you find in Arabica coffee. Instant coffee is usually made from Robusta coffee beans. Because Robusta coffee beans are cheaper to grow and harvest, they are often used with Arabica coffee beans to make cheaper coffee blends.

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 Arabica coffee

Arabica coffee beans account for about 60% of the world’s coffee, so they are more popular than other types of coffee beans. They are also significantly more expensive. The coffee brewed from Arabica coffee beans has a milder taste, less bitterness, a complex taste, and is very delicious. Pulses probably originated in Ethiopia, but became popular in Arabia (now called Yemen) in the 7th century AD.

Difficult to grow

Arabica coffee beans are expensive because they are more difficult to grow than other types of coffee beans. Compared with other types of beans, these trees require more water and shade to grow. They must also grow to a height of at least 2000 feet. These types of coffee trees are only two to five feet tall, and the yield of each tree is much lower than Robusta coffee beans. These trees are not as hardy as Robusta coffee trees and are more susceptible to disease.

 Why Arabica is more expensive

Why Robusta coffee is cheaper than Arabica? Even if there are four different types of coffee, you are most likely to drink Robusta coffee or Arabica coffee, or a mixture of the two. So far, Arabica coffee is more delicious, smoother, contains more lipids and higher sugars, which increases its palatability.

Why Robusta coffee is cheaper than Arabica?

Bigger trees

Why Robusta coffee is cheaper than Arabica? Robusta coffee beans have a high caffeine content, which protects coffee cherries from insects and diseases. The trees are bigger and the yield is higher. Although Arabica coffee beans are the most popular among gourmet brands, Robusta coffee beans are about half the price because they are easier to grow, and harvest.

Taste and smell and quality

Why Robusta coffee is cheaper than Arabica? This is not to say that the quality of all Robusta coffee beans is lower than Arabica coffee beans. The taste and smell of the highest quality Robusta coffee beans are definitely better than any Arabica coffee beans that are poorly grown and harvested. Your enjoyment also depends on your personal preferences. You might like the bitterness of Robusta coffee and find the sweetness of Arabica coffee.

Brewing and roasting

The brewing and roasting process also has a major impact on the final flavor profile. For example, although McDonald uses a blend of Arabica and Robusta coffee beans, which has a rich and mellow taste. , Will not “do not do” expensive and high caffeine content.


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